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Sunday, May 06, 2007

This morning I went to Church. It was our annual Union Sunday service. The service commemorates the anniversary of William Ellery Channing’s 1819 speech at our Church entitled Unitarian Christianity“. His speech was the foundation for the modern Unitarian movement.

This is the second Union Sunday I have attended. It is usually crowded. This Sunday was no exception. Instead of sitting in the pews I had to sit in these metal folding chairs that were roped off and reserved for a middle school cluster. Why middle schoolers were segregated off from the rest of the Church population I have no idea.

I also thought it would be nice to attend Union Sunday because it would be the one time during the year when the choir is guaranteed not to sound elderly and creaky. The reason being is that for Union Sunday there is a combined choir with other Unitarian churches.

My favourite part in the service was towards the end when the combined choir sang. The woman who soloed was spectacular. She sounded like a gospel singer. I had no idea she could seriously sing. The reason for my amazement is that she is a member of our regular church choir. Which makes me wonder, how come they sound aweful when there are some people in the choir who can actually sing?


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