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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today is the anniversary of the day that the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley died. I usually spend the afternoon listening to the Don and Mike Show’s Annual Elvis Death Day Show. Normally it’s a fun show jam packed with Elvis music and funny Elvis trivia and stories. However, today’s show was different.....

It is a known fact that Don and Mike take unscreened calls on their show. It was the very first call of the day that made me seething mad. It was an insensitive man who wanted to know how Freda died. Then the next thing you know his girlfriend/wife was laughing in the background. I was sickened! The man(Don) had just lost his wife(Freda) in a car accident! Then the girlfriend/wife got on the phone and asked rather jovially, “How’s Freda?” I just couldn’t believe the insensitivity of those two!!! It was as though they were getting a rise out of kicking someone down who had just lost his wife. In my opinion they were the two most vilest callers I have ever heard. They weren’t human they were sub-humans!!! After they went away I though that the show would get back on track to being funny again.

Then the next thing you know there call was followed up a little later by another vile person. This one said in a taunting tone to Don, “You can dish it out but you can’t take it!“ I couldn’t believe his delightful tone in kicking down a man who had just lost his wife! I have never in the history of listening to the Annual Don and Mike Elvis Death Day show wanted to go to the homes of callers and punch them in the face.

I just do not understand the lack of humanity that those two callers had. Are they the types who would taunt and make fun of people to their face who had just lost a loved one. If so then they are truly sick people in need of serious psychological help.

Eventually, much later the show did get back on track to being funny.

Today, I have on dark blue slacks and a blue blouse that has various shades of blue daisies on it.

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