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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Monday, April 19, 2004

I went over my father’s house again. This time the main purpose of my visit was to return the DVD’s I borrowed from Alexis way back in December. Every time I’d come over without them she would get an attitude. So wouldn’t you know it the day I remembered to return them she was at work. When I got over there it was nice to see Shay had returned after her mother had threatened to never let her mother watch her again. I guess they must have patched up there disagreement.

I also stopped off at Walmart for the sole purpose of getting a set of headphones. The ones I have now are semi-working. One side works but you have to jiggle the cord around to get sound out of the ear. I ended up buying two sets. I always like to have an extra on hand so that I can quickly replace the other when it breaks down. I also bought some speakers for my computer. Since listening the live 365 on the Internet I’m addicted and want the best possible sound quality. Right now as I’m typing this I’m listening to the Movie Sounds: Epics station. It’s great I feel like I’m in a movie!!

Also tonight at around 10pm I fell down as I was running to catch the #20 bus. That’s right I fell down in the middle of the street. The bus literally came inches away from hitting me. It happened like this: there was a bus in front of the one I wanted. The bus I wanted was way behind kind of stalled like. I wasn’t sure if he was the type of driver who only opened his doors when he was directly at the stop or if he would open them while the other bus was in front. I was walking tentatively towards the bus unsure if he was going to pull off or wait for me. He began to pull of instead of wait for me. I then made a mad dash towards the bus tripped and fell. He missed me by inches. I was on the street for good while. My legs were numb I wasn’t sure if I was able to move. The driver eventually came out of the bus and gathered my bags which were on the street as well as my walkman and glasses. He kept asking me, was I all right? Was I hurt? That’s when I decided to get up and try to walk. My ankles felt numb as I assured him I was OK. I must have been ok as I did not see my life pass before my eyes. Nor, did I see my mother or Grandma Maytime say “Come towards the light, Gail.”

Right now I fear how my ankles and legs will feel in the morning. I hope that I made the right decision. The bus driver had offered to call the ambulance for me. But if he had done that I’m sure I would have been faced with one hell of a bill. I have insurance but they don’t like for us to go to the emergency room. Also they are going through some type of a dispute with laboratory test payments. We received a memo about it at work. So thus, I decided to take my chances and board the bus. When I got home I rubbed my legs and ankles down with alcohol and called work to let them know there was a possibility I would not be in tomorrow. I hope that my legs and ankles do not hurt in the morning.

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