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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Good Night and Good Luck, originally uploaded by willisgirl.

George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., and David Strathairn from Good Night and Good Luck

Today I went to church and then afterwards I walked down to The Charles to see Good Night, and Good Luck.

I found the movie to be extremely boring. The movie seemed to consist of old archive film clips of the McCarthy hearings interspersed with black and white live action of a 1950s newsroom. I learned absolutely nothing about the inner workings of Edward R. Murrow. After watching the film he is still an enigma to me. The only thing I took back from the film was the he was a heavy smoker and that David Strathairn did a great job looking like him. George Clooney was also in the movie. Clooney also directed this movie which should be touted as cure for insomnia. In the movie Clooney played Fred Friendly. I am not entirely sure who Fred Friendly was in relationship to the early days of American television. All I know is that the name sounded familiar. The movie did nothing to flesh out who Fed Friendly and Edward R, Murrow really were or were like.

The only exciting thing about the movie was that every now and then they would cut to a singer singing in a studio. The singer seemed to be taping her show 24/7. It made me wonder if the 8 hour work day was in effect during the 50s. The unnamed singer was played by jazz singer, Diane Reeves. While watching her sing it struck me as to why I found the film so boring. It was boring to me because there was no background orchestral music in the film. I suppose if there had been background music I might have liked the film more. I guess this is the only review on the internet that didn’t like a movie because of a lack of background orchestral music in it. To me the film felt heavy and lugubrious without it. It felt like I was watching a play with no plot.

My recommendation is to skip this movie. The only reason you should see it is if you have had trouble sleeping and want a sure fire sleep remedy.

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