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Monday, January 15, 2007

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.
the original poster to The Graduate

Since I had the day off I watched a Netflix movie that recently arrived. The movie I watched was The Graduate. I ordered it because I saw Rumour Has It... a couple of weeks ago. Also it has been years since I last saw The Graduate. It was still as funny as I recalled it being.

One thing in the movie that I forgot about, that was really cool, was the montage scene done to Simon and Garfunkels, The Sounds of Silence. It was like watching a music video before music videos existed. After watching that I am not surprised that Mike Nichols got a Best Director Oscar for The Graduate.

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

Another thing that struck me was that Benjamin Braddock, the protagonist in the film played by Dustin Hoffman appeared to not have any friends his own age. The only people he seemed to associate with were his parents friends. No wonder Mrs. Robinson made a play for him.

Immediately, after watching the movie I searched through my vast archive of cd’s and found Simon and Garfunkels Greatest Hits and like the 59th Street Bridge Song, I felt groovy.

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