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Sunday, January 01, 2006

This evening for the first time ever I listened online to BBC Radio 1’s year end official countdown show with JK and Joel. The reason why I was listening to the BBC instead of my usual internet radio station of choice,
Virgin Radio, is because Virgin Radio was not accessible on iTunes at 32kbps. I could only pick it up at at 128 kbps. I do not know if this will be a permanent situation or a temporary glitch. The best way I can describe the radio format of Virgin Radio is Jack FM with real live DJs!

Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to the year end countdown on a
BBC Radio 1. The two hosts of the show JK and Joel seemed to be pleasant enough blokes. I think I may make this a part of my regular weekend routine.

There are two acts in the UK year end top twenty that I feel have a strong possibility of charting in the States. Those two acts are Sugababes and
Shayne Ward. I believe I have posted last year about my positive feelings about the possible US chart success of James Blunt and Daniel Powter. Trust me those two guys will eventually be top 10 or top 20 sometime this year in the States. I can feel it! :)

, originally uploaded by willisgirl.

The Sugabes are a girl group trio. There song, Push the Button is a very infectiously catchy dance tune. I also understand that they recently hired Madonnas producer to work with them.

Here is a video stream link to their song, Push The Button.

, originally uploaded by willisgirl.

Shayne Ward is the winner of the UKs X-Factor show. X-Factor is a show similar to American Idol complete with Simon Cowell as a catty judges. So I figure hey, if Kelly Clarkson is succeeding on the charts over there as well as at home maybe, Shayne Ward can do the same. His song Thats My Goal is a ballad that appears to be about a guy who has done something wrong and is apologizing to his girl. It's not a very cutting edge song nor is it my cup of tea. As I have written before I am not into ballads.

Anyway, >here is a link to the video stream of Thats My Goal.

The most surprising duo on the UK charts is of course 2Pac and Elton John. This proves to me once and for all that 2Pac is lurking around laying low somewhere. After all, how can the hardest working man in rap really be dead if he’s off making duets with Elton John?

As far as the rest of the chart goes I can not understand the allure of an old man singing an old song being the top song of the year. The song, Amarillo sounds as if it is trapped in a timewarp of early 1970something. I also do not like that annoying crazy frog song. I can not believe how stupid some people can be for making a cell phone ringtone on of the top songs of the year.

Ok, enough of my dislikes. Two groups that I heard for the very first time and love from this chart are the MVPs (Most Valuable Playas), the Body Rockers, and The Arctic Monkeys. The MVPs and the Body Rockers have a dancehall vibe going on while the Arctic Monkeys have a punk rock feel. I hope to hear more good stuff from them in the future.

Below is the UK countdown in its entirety.....


1. Tony Christie...Amarillo
2. Shayne Ward....That’s My Goal
3. That Damned Crazy Frog Axel F Song!!!!
4. James Blunt....You’re Beautiful
5. Mc Fly...It’s All About You
6. Akon...Lonely
7. Pussycat Dolls.....Don’t Cha
8. Westlife......You Raise Me Up
9. Nizlopi......JCB Song
10. Madonna.....Hung Up
11. 2 Pac featuring Elton John....Ghetto Gospel
12. SugaBabes... Push The Button
13. Daniel Powter... Bad Day
14. Gorrilaz... Feel Good Inc.
15. Will Smith...Switch
16. Mario......Let Me Love You
17. Jennifer Lopez....Get Right
18. Nelly featuring Tim McGraw....Over and Over Again
19. Mariah Carrey....We Belong Together
20. Snoop Dogg Justin Timerlake, etc.......Signs
21. 50 Cent....Candy Shop
22. The Body Rockers....I Like The Way
23. Pussycat Dolls...Stick Wit U
24. Oasis......Lilah
25. The Audio Bullies....Shut You Down
26. Robbie Williams.....Spread The Word
27. The Arctic Monkeys.....I Bet You Look Good on The Dancefloor
28. Sean Paul.....We Be Burning
29. Black Eyed Peas.....Dont Phunk With My Heart
30. MVP.....Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1,2)
31. The Gorrilaz....Dare
32. Eminem...Tin Solidiers
33. Sunset Strippers....Falling Stars
34. Amarie......One Thing
35. Stereophonics....Dakota
36. Kelly Clarkson.....Since You Been Gone
37. Black Eyes Peas....My Humps
38. Oasis....The Importance Of Being Idle
39. Westlife featuring Diana Ross..When You Tell Me That You Love Me
40. Ciarra.....1-2 Step

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