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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The UK is trying to recruit Morrissey to write a song for them for some European song contest. Are they mad? Who would recruit Morrisey also known as Miserable Morrisey to write songs for them? The guy is known for churning out depressing songs.

Despite the above paragraph I am Smiths fan as well as a Morrissey fan. My all time favourite over the top maudlin Morrissey lyric comes from his tenure with The Smiths. Its from the song, There is a Light that Never Goes out. The lyric is as follows:
and if a double decker bus
crashes into us
to die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die

Whenever, I hear that lyric I can not help but laugh at the over the topness of it. Then again what do I know maybe Steven Patrick Morrissey can pull it off.

If it were my choice to choose who would write a song for the UK I would choose someone like Paul McCartney. I suppose right now he is probably very busy going through his divorce with Heather Mills. Other possiblities would be Robyn Hitchcock or maybe XTC’s lead singer/songwriter Andy Partridge. To the best of my knowledge Hitchcock and Partridge are currently not very busy.

Any way just for the heck of it below I have included the original video to The Smiths song, There is a Light that Never Goes Out.



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