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Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Art Adventure: THE OUT OF ORDER art show

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.
This is the painting that I exhibited at Maryland Art Place's Out of Order Art Show. It is called Astronomer Dude. It is 8x10 and done in acrylic paint. I priced it at $40.

Yesterday, I finished up the small painting that I started last year around this time. I was going to exhibit it at Maryland Art Place’s Out of Order art show. The only problem was that I got my dates mixed up and ended up missing the show last year. This was not the case this year. I left out for Maryland Art Place at 9:16pm and made it to the gallery at 9:34pm. I came in the door just behind this man that a gallery worker seemed to know very well. She congratulated him on his work being reviewed in the newspaper. So I can only assume that he must have been a very well known local artist. He held this small wooden sculpture piece in his hands.

The gallery was teeming with artists hanging up there work for the show. The only artist who was friendly to me was a fellow African American female artist that does abstract work. All the other artists seemed to ignore my presence. I decided to hang my painting in the bathroom because the gallery walls were crowded with paintings. I figure that sooner or later someone will have to take a trip there. Already there were 2 paintings in the bathroom when I hung mine up. So I was not the only artist who got a wacky idea. After hanging the painting I left out the gallery around 9:59. Since I was famished I decided to get takeout Chinese food. I made it home a little after 11pm.

As you can imagine because of last nights busy activity I am late for work. I wanted to take a personal day so that I could reccuperate. However, I am not sure how many personal days I have left for this quarter.

Overall, I feel a since of accomplishment. I finished a painting and completed a goal of exhibiting at Maryland Art Place’s annual Out of Order art show. This makes the second Out of Order art show I participated in.

By the way I priced th painting at $40. I did it this way because it is a 50/50 art show. If it sells I get $20 for it and the gallery gets the other $20. I do not know if it will sell for tha much as it is small 8x10 painting. Right now I do not much care. I just feel giddy that I finished it!

Next up on my art making calendar is a poster for the Sowebohemian Arts Festival which is due next Saturday. After that there is the art show at my Church the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Then there is the Creative Alliance’s annual members show, called, the Big Show.

Today, I have on Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, a black turtleneck, and a red hoodie that has black trim on it. On my feet are New Balance 653 shoes.

Unfortunately, in my frenzy to complete a painting and exhibit it I neglected to write down walking stats off of my Omron pedometer.

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