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Saturday, April 07, 2007

This afternoon I went to Center Stage to see Ah Wilderness. It was pretty good. It was written by Eugene O’Neil, a writer not normally known for comedy. Overall it was a pretty good production. However, in my opinion the play ended too abruptly.

I noticed while reading the playbook that a number of actors in the paly were members of LAMDA. I was shocked by this information. I was shocked because I associate LAMDA with a gay political organization. It seemed upon reading the playbook that nearly all the actors and actresses in the play were members of LAMDA! I soon found myself wondering if the actor who played Richard in the play was a man who was once a woman. One thing for sure was that he looked pretty effeminate in the headshot of him that was included in the playbook. He looked from the picture as though he would make a pretty good drag queen. Then I looked up LAMDA after I got home and found out it was not a gay organizatin but instead meant the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. The gay political group is LAMBDA.

I wonder if I was the only theatre goer who after reading the playbook thought that the majority of actors on stage were out and proud lesbians and gays?



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