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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today, I visited my father. On the way over as I waiting on the bus stop I ran into a strange man. He was wearing a white wide brimmed hat, a white jacket, white tennis shoes, grey coloured jeans, and a thick gold chain. He kind of scared me. He kept hopping from one foot to the other. He was either insane or on drugs. He asked me for my phone number. He claimed he was a deacon at a church. He asked me what bus I was taking. Amazingly it was the same bus he had to take. I felt afraid as though there was a good chance he might rob me or something.

The man was suspicious as suspicious can be. Who wears all white anyway? And what was with all that hopping around he was doing? Why did he agree with everything I told him? Im sure if I told him that I liked death metal he would also say that he liked it as well. For the record I do not like death metal.

I was about to get off at my stop then noticed that he sneakily was headed to the back of the bus to get off at the same stop. I looked at him getting off at that stop then I decided to step back. He ended up getting off the bus and I stayed on. I was afraid that he was going to rob me or something worse. The man seemed so odd. There are not THAT many coincidences in the world.

I stayed on the bus until it got up to Pimilco. When I got off near Pimlico I kept on the lookout for the strange man in white. I walked a good forty minutes before I decided to get back on the bus headed towards my fathers house. I figured that forty minutes was more than enough time to shake the strange man in white. Luckily, I saw nothing of him that day. Hopefully he has either been arrested for something or is in the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

I finally saw the new chair that my sister, Carleen, bought him. It is a big, soft leather chair. My father descibes it as the type of chair Donald Trump would have in his office. The chair sat in the living room because it was too big to fit in his bedroom. One thing I have to say about the chair is that it looks and is pretty darn comfy.

While there I could not help myself. I offered to buy my niece, Alexis a computer. I have been thinking about doing that for some time. She is currently looking for a new job and a computer would greatly aid her search.

Also my sister did something extremely disgusting. Instead of picking up food with a fork or spoon she used her hands. Ewww! I can not believe a woman pushing fifty would do something like that.



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