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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Friday, April 30, 2004

It seems the Tom Joyner Morning Show is airing live from the Baltimore Arena in conjunction with the Pattie LaBelle appearance for Coppin State. I found out because I noticed there was a cop walking around downtown. They NEVER come out of their cars at around the time I catch the light rail at 5:55 AM. The Arena was lit up. There were people milling around inside the arena which was very unusual. I wish I had known ahead of time I would have taken the day off. I saw advertisements for the Pattie LaBelle appearance on TV but forgot to take note of the day she was appearing. All I could remember was that the concert was FREE and would somehow benefit Coppin State.

I am so freaking floored I had no idea she would be appearing today!! She took the stage at 6:10 AM the show is being simulcast on Magic 95.9 I can not believe that a star of her caliber would be on stage at such an early ass hour. It seems the show is being taped for something called the Sky Show for TV One which is owned by Radio One.

Radio One is a group of black radio stations that are owned by Cathy Hughes. Ms. Hughes who used to work for NPR and then bridged out and started her own radio station which grew and grew. I’m not sure how many stations Ms.. Hughes owns around the country but it must be a lot if she could get together enough money to start a cable station to rival BET.

I just foud out the name of the TV show Patti ewill be on it’s called the South West Airlines Sky Show it is to be hosted by Tom Joyner. I guess it’s nice that Joyner now has a TV show. It seems that Pattie also has a cable show on Radio One which will be airing tonight. I will not be able to see either show as I do not own cable.

I don’t normally listen to the Tom Joyner Show he is a little to corny for my taste. I tend to listen to Howard Stern and KML in the morning. But I am listening today because I really, really, really, am a fan of Pattie LaBelle. Thankfully, Joyer hasn’t interrupted the show with any of his unfunny jive ass bits. Today’s show is just Pattie doing what she does best singing. I guess it’s no sweat for her to be here she lives in Philly which is a hop and a skip from Baltimore.

At 6:25 I’m sad to report that Pattie left the stage then Joyner came on along with Congressman Elijah Cummings to urge people to register to vote. Then it was back again to the usual Tom Joyner Show lame ass shenanigans. They broke for news as 6:30. My radio is starting to break up at the Lutherville light rail stop. I’m unsure if I will be able to listen to the rest of the show at work.

If Ms. Hughes can afford to buy a cable TV station why doesn’t she increase the area that Magic 95.9 emits to?

The rest of the morning I continued on with my usual radio routine of switching between Howard Stern and the 98 Rock's, KML show.

I have to admit I am really jealous of the people at 98 Rock. For the second year in a row the entire on air staff went away on vacation. This year they spent a week in the Dominican Republic. Last year I believe they went to the Bahamas. How do I get a gig like that? They get to go to cool places not candy assed places like Disney World which I believe every single soccer mom morning show visits once a year.

I wanna work at 98 Rock!!! I wanna go away to an exotic locale on the bosses dime!!!

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