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Monday, October 03, 2005


awilson, originally uploaded by willisgirl.

August Wilson

This morning as I was about to take the light rail shuttle bus to work I learned of the death of August Wilson. It was a part of the 98 Rock Josh Spiegel morning news report.

As you can imagine I felt numb as I stepped on to the bus. August Wilson was one of my heros as well as my all time favourite playwright. He is arguably one of the greatest American playwright of the 20th century. The one thing I admired most about his work was the natural sounding dialogue that he wrote. Wilson’s usage of dialogue has influenced my many play-writing attempts by my constant striving to create characters who sound like real people and not like characters on a printed page.

In a way I found it ironic that he died when he did. You see Wilson’s ultimate goal was to write 10 plays about the African American experience in 20th century America. His 10th and final play, Radio Golf, debuted this May at the Yale Repertory Theatre. Then the next thing you know after he’s completed his cycle of 10 plays he’s diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. After his diagnoses Wilson said in an interview, “I’ve lived a blessed life. I’m ready.”

The only thing I can think of writing right now is, Thanks August, for enriching the tapestry of the American theatre.


Today, I have on a blue t-shirt and blue pants. Except, for the tan canvas tennis shoes, I feel very monochromatic today. Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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Blogger Maverick commented at 1:20 PM~  

If that picture is something that you did, then you are a damn good artist. If it is an actual picture of you, then you are damn beautiful also. Just stopping by and saying hello...and glad that I found a fellow blogger who watches Sci-Fi. I will stop back through soon...

Blogger Maverick commented at 1:37 PM~  

And I love the subtle "Impeach Bush" sign on the side of the page...

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