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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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Today, I was deeply saddened when I learned that Coretta Scott King had died. The news did not come as an entire shock. She was 78 years old and had been hospitalized last year after suffering a stroke.

I first heard the news on 98 Rock. It seems that they are always the FM radio station that is the first with breaking news. After hearing the breaking news on 98 Rock, I did as I usually did when I hear big news on the radio. I scanned around the radio dial to see if any other station had picked up the story yet. It took 92Q about twenty minutes to get around to saying anything about it. It was about two hours before NPR said anything about it. I am not too surprised by NPRs delay because I always get the feeling that that station is on an endless tape loop. Everything, except of course, the Marc Steiner Show.

The most surprising thing I found out about Coretta Scott King in her later years is that she supported gay marriage.

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