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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

MfumeBumperSticker, originally uploaded by willisgirl.

Today, as I was coming home from work I saw a bumper sticker in support of my cousins upcoming Senatorial race. My heart immediately leapt with joy over the sight. I could not help but take out my digital camera and snap a picture of the bumper sticker.

My cousin is Kweisi Mfume and he is running for Senator Paul Sarbanes old seat. His Democratic opponent for the race is Ben Cardin. To date I do not recall seeing any Ben Cardin bumper stickers anywhere.

As yet I have no idea how Kweisi is doing in the polls. All I know is that I have heard him several times on NPRs Marc Steiner Show. Of which I might add he sounded fantastic! While on one of his many appearances on Steiner’s show he briefly brought up the alarming fact that Cardin had voted for the USA Patriot Act. The Patriot Act if you can recall gives Bush the Carte de Blanc to do anything he wants including spying on American citizens.

Besides appearing on Steiner I also understand that Kweisi has been on the Ron Smith Show as well. I do not listen to the Ron Smith Show because it is on WBAL. WBAL to me is a station for old, angry white men who are in love with the Republican party.

I wonder if Kweisi will be on the Ed Norris Show next or if he is nixing an appearance in favour of staying with tried and true Baltimore mainstream talk radio, eg. NPR and WBAL?

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