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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Today, I went to church. Today was no ordinary day at church for it was the annual, Winterfest! I know it might be considered shamelessly crass to write up a review on my church’s annual Holiday Pageant. But hey, what else do I have to write about?

Overall, I have say that this years Winterfest was ok in comparison to the ones held in previous years.

The standout performer by far was this guy that sang Motherless Child. I am surprised that he is not in the choir. Then again he probably can not be in the choir because of his age. I swear at my church it seems as though there is a requirement that you have to be 50 and over to be in the choir.

As usual the guy who portrayed Winter had on a kick ass costume on. His costume is very reminiscent of an old world Santa Claus. It is basically a long, all white Santa suit complete with beard. Its the coolest winter costume ever!

Oddest number or what the hell is this about moment was when the Sunday school kids marched across the room simulating a rainstorm by snapping their fingers and then stomping. What the hell does a rain storm have to do with winter? This display would have been more appropriate for a Springfest. Then again Im not sure if we have a Springfest? Anyway, when I think of winter the first thing that pops into my head is not a rainstorm! I felt embarrassed watching the kids perform a clearly out of season rainstorm number. Maybe they should have performed a snow dance instead?

After church I went to the drug store and found 52 candy canes for $4. That settles it! I will be buying candy for everyone in my department! This is ok with me because I like to give out cards and candy. Heck, I do it nearly every year. When it is all said and done this will be the most candy I have bought for my coworkers since I worked there.



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