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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today, I visited my father for Thanksgiving. Before I went off to visit him I made a Christmas Station on Pandora. Then I decided to pick up the shared Macys Department Store Holiday Radio Station. The Christmas station I started kept veering off course. The one that Macys Department store has is more my idea of the type of holiday music I wanted on my station. I also picked up there Macys Winter Radio Station. The music it plays is on par with the Vegas radio station I started over the summer. My Vegas station plays stuff like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Ella Fitzgerald etc. I think you get my drift. 50s era mob music. An era where women were called dames and men wore fedoras.

As far as Thnaksgiving goes my niece Alesea drove me and her brother, Little David over the house in a car she bought at Eastern Motors. A dealership that has the tag line, Your Job is Your Credit. She told me that she just bought the car yesterday. On the drive over she got pulled over by the campus police. He ran her license. She felt that it was a bad deal that on her first full day of driving her new car she got pulled over. Another campus police car showed up to back him up. Why I do not know? We did not look like a major flight risk. After it was all over and he returned her license, she said, “Thank you officer.” He immediately retorted her by saing “There is NO thank you!”

I suppose he was feeling angry and vengeful because he had to work Thanksgiving and she was not wanted for anything. He claimed she had turned onto a two way lane without signaling. Personally, I think he was just making it up because he was bored and wanted to make someone pay for his having to work on a holiday. He was a complete asshole.

My father is still hesitant about going to the hospital. He is still having difficulty breathing. He told me that he barely gets any sleep because of it. His feet and legs are swollen. He is rail thin yet feels constantly hungry. I think he is afraid that if he went to the hospital they will end up admitting him.

My niece also drove me home. I took a plate of food home with me. When I got home I watched Tuesdays episode of House,MD.

This was one episode where I found myself yelling at the screen because of the Hematology diagnostic inaccuracies. On the show House said that they test for antibodies before the blood group. This is patently untrue you always test for the blood group before you would even venture into doing a transfusion. Inaccuracies in blood group transfussions could cause a transfusion reaction of epic proportions also known as death. After you have the patients ABO blood group type then you run an antibody panel to determine which blood group to perform a crossmatch with. I have never heard of anyone just running an antibody panel without finding out the blood type. Sure in emergency cases you would give O negative blood to cover all your bases. But at the same time you would do a proper blood type test and run an antibody panel. Then later give them the proper blood.

Also Doctors are never in hospital labs running lab tests that is the job of Medical Technologists. I ought to know I went to school to become one. I am amazed each week at the number of tests the Doctors run themselves on the show. This is not based anywhere in reality. Doctors order tests that other people perform. With the number of tests that these Doctors perform on TV a real life Doctor would barely have time to see patients.

Its a fun show and I allow it its creative license of having doctors personally run lab tests but this episode in particular stood out as being extremely medically inaccurate. I was yelling at the screen. If there was an ABO discrepency the patient would have been dead right from the start of transfusion.. A mismatch in blood type is tantamount to death. You would have a delayed reaction only if it was an RH discrepency. Geez, you would think that the writers of this show would bother to do a little research before they came up with there cockamamie conclusion! Since I studied Hematology/Immunohematology (Blood Banking) and a host of other subjects at the University of Maryland School of Medicine department of Medical and Research Technology, Im a little sensitive on this particular subject.


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