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Sunday, September 04, 2005

40virgin, originally uploaded by willisgirl.

Steve Carrel, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, and Seth Rogen from The 40 Year Old Virgin

Today at Church

This morning I was running a bit late for Church. I really wanted to get there because I saw on their web site that they would be doing something called a Blessing of the Hands ceremony. Since I’m new to Unitarianism I was wondering what that was all about. It turns out that all it was, was that the Co-Ministers poured water over your hands then the water was toweled off.

The earlier part of the service was primarily devoted to the recent tragedy that swept through the Gulf Coast Region of our country. I don’t have anything to say about the devastation that Hurricane Katrina left in her path. I feel that all that can be said has been said more eloquently by other bloggers.

Today after Church

After church I as usual went to see a movie. This weeks movie was, The 40 Year Old Virgin. Thank goodness no one has been reading this blog since it’s inception. Then no one knows about my apprehension towards seeing the film. Hmmm, let’s see I’m 35 year old woman who lives in an apartment primarily populated by action figures, Barbie dolls, and comic books and I don’t have any children. You do the math.....

The only reason I went to the movie is because it is the most highest rated movie in the history of Rotten Tomatoes dot com. In case you do not know, Rotten Tomatoes is web site where they compile all the reviews that a movie has received. With there compiled data they then give the movie a numerical ranking. The 40 Year Old Virgin got an approval level of 85%. So I rationalized that if you can get 85% of movie critics to agree on something then it must be pretty darn good. So thus I toughened myself up to get past the movie title and the geeky ass poster. Just seeing that poster makes me cringe.

Surprisingly I found that the movie was good! I enjoyed myself! Yes, it was raunchy at times but it was also sweet. It was a movie with a heart. Steve Carrel portrayed the 40 year old, Andy as a very nice guy. You were really rooting for him and Trish played by Catherine Keener to get together. I thought that it was interesting that Trish was a grandma, albeit a youngish one. The 40 Year Old’s co-workers were also good in the movie. They didn’t feel as though they were cardboard comedic cutouts. You really cared about them. Let’s see there was Romany Malco as the womanizing Jay, and Seth Rogen as Cal the burly every-man type, and finally, Paul Rudd as the terminally heartbroken David.

In conclusion I highly recommend that you go out and see The 40-Year Old Virgin. Is is both a sweet and funny movie. In my opinion it ranks right up there with The Wedding Crashers as one of the must see movies of the summer.

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Anonymous muse commented at 10:20 PM~  

I am v. picky about comedies in general and often hate them but I LOVED this movie.

Blogger Java Boo Boo commented at 11:33 PM~  

hi surfed in through blog explosion.

i'm going to have to check this movie out. everyone is saying it's funny.


Blogger mrshife commented at 12:48 PM~  

I am glad you broke down and saw this film because it is awesome, but I still like Wedding Crashers because right now I am having a crush on Vince Vaughn.

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