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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Academy Award nominations came out yesterday. For the most part I agree with them. However, I feel that there are a couple of people whom I feel do not deserve to be nominated.

The most glaring what the blank is going on here nomination is Keira Knightly being nominated for Best Actress for Pride and Prejudice. To me Knightly will always be a light weight actress. She is nothing but a blonde stick figure who can not act her way out of a paper bag. She does not deserve to be in the same category as the great Dame Judi Dench.

Another person not worthy of being nominated is Catherine Keener for Best Supporting Actress in Capote. I saw Capote and what she did in that movie was not worthy of an Oscar nomination. All she did in Capote was look bland and take notes. Albeit, I will admit that Keener has a better reputation as an actress than little Ms. Stickfigure, Knightly does. I just hate the fact that a good actress is being nominated for a nothing role.

I also feel that the only reason that Paul Giamatti was nominated this year for Best Supporting Actor in Cinderella Man is to make up for his not being nominated last year for Best Actor in Sideways. I would absolutely hate it if Giamatti got a pity win this year over George Clooney who so richly deserves this Oscar. Again, I absolutely hate it when they nominate a good actor for a nothing role.

Oddly enough, I feel that the only category that George Clooney deserves to be nominated in was Best Supporting Actor for Syriana. All the other categories that he is in for Good Night and Good Luck should have gone to a much more talented writer, director, or producer. To me Good Night and Good Luck was not a real movie but instead an excuse to re-show of archival McCarthy era film footage. It was film making at its laziest and not deserving of a nomination for anything except David Strathairns uncanny resemblance to Edward R Murrow.

Enough of the negative! The nominations I was most happiest about were Terrence Howard getting nominated for Best Actor for his work in Hustle & Flow and the rap song from Hustle & Flow Its Hard Out Here For a Pimp getting nominated for Best Original Song. Who would have ever thunk that a rap song would ever get nominated for an Oscar?

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