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Monday, January 07, 2008

Today I watched the last three episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures. The series in actuality had ten 30 minute episodes. I just got finished watching all of them. Overall it was a great series much smarter than average kids TV fare. Smarter in the sense that it did not talk down to the audience. Much better than an average American show aimed at the tween to teen crowd.

If this ever gets picked up in the States I can see it going to Nikelodeon. I do not see it going to the Disney chanel because they might be a little sensitive about the jabs made about High School Musical.

Loved that they included the effeminate father in their adventures. He now is in on everything. There also has been online chatter that they included him so that Sarah Jane would have a love interest. This to me seems wrong. Allan is young enough to be Sarah Janes older son. Liz Sladen is in her 50s the actor playing Maria’s father is in his 30s. I would rather he just stay the effiminate father with a non discussed sexuality. I would rather they stay platonic. Love the woman playing Marias mother she reminds me of Jackie Tyler.

After finishing up watching all of the Sarah Jane Adventures I decided to give Torchwood a second chance. I watched the second and third episodes. They were better than I remembered. I thought it would be good to catch up because the series starts up again on the 16th and James Marsters, Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel has signed on to have a reaccuring role on the series. He will be playing a rival time cop Captain John something or other.

I am not sure if his character will be American like John Barrowmans Captain Jack or British like Spike. All I know is that something happens and he and Captain Jack unexpectantly kiss. I saw a preview of the first few minutes of the season opener on Freema Agyeman’s website and it looks exciting. I can not wait! Speaking of which who maintains Freemas site? I seriously doubt that she has the time to act and keep a totally up to date website on her own. Anyway Freema will also be in the new season of Torchwood.


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