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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today I watched the first three episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures. It was very good. Its better than Torchwood. The black kid they added reminded me of Mickey from Doctor Who. He is a great addition. The actor in real life is in his twenties but is playing a character who is supposed to be 13.

On the show Sarah Jane is the mother of an adopted 13 year old boy named Luke. He is a super genius new to the world, very naive, and was created by alien. Wow! Sarah Jane a mom.

Sarah Janes next door neighbor is another 13 year old teen named Maria and her newly divorced Dad, Allan. There has been speculation on some message boards that maybe her father is gay and that is why he split up with his wife and he, not his ex wife has custody of the childl.

I do not think that this question will ever be answered as this is a childrens show aimed at tween and teens not mean to get into adult subject matter. However, I do think its possible that Marias father is gay but its a kids show so that topic will not be explored.


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