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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morning I had a weird dream. In the dream my father told me that my mother was dead. This was odd because my mother has been dead for several years. I woke up thinking geez, that was weird.

Later that evening my sister came banging on my door at 11pm at night. I was startled because of the hour and I had just turned in to bed. She told me she came over because she was worried about me. I had not spoken to anyone in the past few weeks. She told me that our father was OK. I did not quiet believe her. She does not normally come over my house at that hour of night frantically banging on my door. She practically lives on the other side of town. I knew that mostly she was scared and perhaps my father was not doing well. My father was diagnosed with heart failure last year. He stopped taking medicine for it about a year ago. He has been having difficulty breathing. His feet are swollen he is not in the best of health. So seeing her made me feel very worried about my fathers health. I do not know how much time he has. Heck, I do not know how much time I have. All I know is that I should make a point of seeing him for my sister’s sake and for my own.

This afternoon I watched the last installment of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth. It was great. Mr. Darcy and Lizzie got married in a double wedding with her sister Lucie and Mr. Bingham. Was surprised that Lizzie’s youngest sister married that con artist guy.

Also surprised the man who played Mr. Collins, there minister cousin was played by a man named David Bamber which made me wonder if he was related to Jamie Bamber, the guy who played Archie Kennedy on Horatio Hornblower and Apollo Adama on the new Battlestar Galactica. I thought this because Bamber is not exactly a common name an their both English. It turns out there not related and Jamie Bamber’s father is American and his mother is Irish. Since Jamie Bamber’s father is American and David Bamber’s father is obviously English, they are not related.

Also shocked to find David Bamber is married to a woman in real life because during his comedic performance he seemed extremely effiminate. Also in the documentary that followed the movie when out of character he still seems effeminate. So I was surprised that he was in real life married to a woman and not a man.


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