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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Today is Patriots Day also known as the 4th year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. I spent the day as per usual at church and then over at the movie theatre..


Today, at church we had something called called a Homecoming and Water Communion. As I’ve written virtually every Sunday I’m new to Unitarianism. Heck, I’m new to church period.

I think one of the main reasons I find myself attending this church on a regular basis is because Unitarian Churches for the most part are liberal. They are pro-choice and are for gay and lesbian rights including marriage. None of that love the sinner but hate the sin crap. It’s nice knowing that not all churches are conservative and close minded in there thinking.

The church for the most part is non-denominational. So I know that on Sundays I’m gathered with people of different faiths; Wiccans, Liberal Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. , the type of people who might cause Pat Robertson to writher in convulsions. I also like the fact that Sunday sermons are not bible based. There sermons have the feel of a liberal political pep rally. I also like the fact that from time to time sermons might end with Blessed Be, or So Mote it Be. I’ve even heard services end with a double hitter of Blessed Be and Amen. Ok on to Homecoming and Water Communion.....

I got there late because today was the annual time switchover for church services. In the summer they start at 10 am during the rest of the year they start at 11-am. So today was also the start of trying to figure out how public transportation really runs on Sundays. To give you an idea in the summer the #11 bus according to the bus schedule arrives at 10-am but in actuality it arrives at 9:45. Today since I didn’t see a bus at the later start time I tried the subway which got me 10 minutes late.

When I got there I was surprised to see the place was packed. There were people there that I had never seen before. I suppose Homecoming and Water Communion services must be very popular amongst Unitarians.

I didn’t get a sense of anything different going on for Homecoming except that there were children there who would ordinarily be in the church’s Sunday school. Then again I might have missed something by coming in late.

Water Communion consisted of parishioners bringing in water from a place that had special meaning for them over the summer. If they forgot to bring water, water was provided by the church. I didn’t participate in this because it was so crowded and I was afraid that as I was about to pour water into the big crystal bowl I might fall trip and knock over the bowl. Oh, well maybe next year...

Also a little later in the service Rev. Hubbell read a deep and meaningful letter written by William G. Sinkford, the head of the Unitarian church, about his feelings of the blatant racism and classism he saw occurring with the Hurricane Katrina coverage. I found myself nodding in agreement with every word she read of Sinkford’s letter.


The Sunday movie today was Red Eye. To be absolutely honest I was ambivalent about seeing this movie. I thought it would be a good diversion since it got an 81% approval ratting on Rotten Tomatoes. I also felt that since it’s directed by Wes Craven, who’s known for great horror flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Serpent and the Rainbow, etc., it would be a sure thing. Boy was I wrong!

Overall, l I found the movie to be both claustrophobic and boring. Claustrophobic because for the most part the movie takes place in a plane and boring because I didn’t really care about the man who had an assisination plot against him. I didn;t care if he lived or died because you don’t see him until the last half of the film. The movie never really conveyed why it was so important that he lived. Also it never explained why their was a plot against him. Who knows maybe he was a bad guy who needed to be taken out? If I had had more facts I would have cared more.

The only good part in this movie is towards the end when it veers into classic Wes Craven thrills and chills territory.

One strong feeling I got while watching this movie is that Cillian Murphy is the successor to Ray Liotta as the quintessential creepy guy. Gee, I’d really love to see those two in a movie as father and son, psychopaths.

Today, I have on a nautical themed outfit. I have on a t-shirt that has stripes of navy blue and white on the top and a sold block of navy blue on the bottom. In the center of the shirt is a gold anchor. The pants
I have on are navy blue cotton shorts. I’m also wearing tan leather flip flops.

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Blogger mrshife commented at 5:21 PM~  

Cillian Murphy was also good as the creepy scientist in "Batman Begins." He reminds me of a young James Spader.

Blogger james commented at 11:23 PM~  

Yeah, I've been impressed with the Unitarians. I am Buddhist but I accept and dabble with all faiths.

Oh yeah and don't freak out but I too am an artist (paint: mostly with oils).

Take care!

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