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Friday, September 09, 2005


Frankly, I feel that Bush should be impeached. His actions relating to the war on Iraq and Hurricane Katrina prove time and again that the only people he cares about are the rich. I feel that it is no accident that oil prices have steadily rose and will continue to rise after the effects of Hurricane Katrina are over. After all, Bush has to take care of his friends, the oil companies. Speaking of his friends, Haliburton, is poised to start work in not only Iraq but Louisiana! Coincidence I think not!

Would impeachment mean immediate removal from office. No. In case every one has forgotten Clinton was impeached and remained in office. So thus impeachment does not necessarily mean the immediate removal from office. Impeachment would mean that there would be an indelible mark against the Bush Presidency. Besides if Bush were removed then the guy who has really been running the show, Cheney, wouldn’t have the village idiot to hide behind any more.

Do your part today and join the Impeach Bush Coalition.

Today, I have on a militant black t-shirt along with a black skirt that has a pattern of beige circles on it. The shoes I have on are black slides.

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Blogger Maxson commented at 2:45 PM~  

Yeah... it is really amazing to me how sheepish and complacent the American public has become. All partisanship aside, I don't see (and I am a pretty smart person) how anyone could honestly say that this dickwad is doing even a remotely good job. Trillions in debt, tens of thousands dead... It's amazing....

Sorry for the semi-political rant. It's usually not my style, but I feel stronger about this topic every day...

Great blog, btw! You write very well, and I am always entertained by your content...

Blogger gail commented at 8:42 PM~  

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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