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Thursday, September 08, 2005

jews4_01, originally uploaded by willisgirl.


Recently, in Maryland we have been inundated with radio ads for Jews For Jesus. I am not Jewish but I have felt deeply offended by these thinly veiled proselytizing ads.

A fundamental belief of Judaism is that the Messiah will come when all people everywhere perform deeds of goodness and kindness. While the name Jews For Jesus overturns this precept by advocating Jesus as the Messiah who has already come. I feel that this strikes at the foundation of Judaism negating, to a certain extent the perseverance with which the Jews endured such persecution as during the Crusades and the Holocaust.

It appears that the Jews For Jesus’, Behold Your God campaign is primarily targeting alienated and unaffiliated Jews. According to a 1992 issue of Moment magazine between 60 to 70% of Jews are unaffiliated and do not belong to a synagogue. I feel that it is wrong for JFJ to prey amongst this group. Especially since this group is primarily funded by Evangelical Christian groups. These are the types of groups that want to bring about a United States of Jesus. A country where one religion, one belief, one god rules.

As you have probably guessed I am not a supporter of Jews For Jesus. I feel that they are out to destroy the Jewish faith. I feel sickened and angered whenever I hear there ads or see their vans riding around town. I also can not believe the gall they have to run ads in Baltimore of all places. Baltimore is the headquarters for Jews For Judaism.

Argggg! I can’t wait until the Christian Right Jewish conversion team leaves town.

Today, I have on an aqua green top, Yes, you read right, aqua green not blue. The top I have on has beige and white flowers on it. With this top I have on a black skirt. The shoes I have on are black slides.

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Blogger Musicguy commented at 2:47 PM~  

hmmmmm- jews for jesus. I think we already have a name for that. It's called CHRISTIANITY!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger jerusalemgypsy commented at 3:24 PM~  

Yup! Here in Jerusalem we are bombarded by them....

Blogger The Zero Boss commented at 3:37 PM~  

It's especially distasteful given the centuries of hatred and scorn that Christians have heaped upon Jews. You'd think that a "Jesus for Jews" campaign would be a better way to spend resources.

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