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Saturday, December 17, 2005

This week because I was away from the world doing jury duty I thought it would be interesting to comment on a few big events that occurred this week...

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I completely missed the majority of the last week of the Howard Stern Show on terrestrial radio. The only day I heard the show in its entirety was on Friday. I suppose it was nice that I had the opportunity to hear the Friday show because it was the very last broadcast of the Howard Stern Show. It was a very nice sendoff, to the last of a dying breed. I swear you could have played a drinking game with the amount of times Stern said, the last of a dying breed during his sendoff speech.

, originally uploaded by willisgirl.

I feel lucky to say that I got a chance to hear the first half of the triumphant return of Jackie, the Joke Man, Martling. Jackie walked out on the show in 2001 because he was upset over salary negotiations. He was replaced by Artie Lange as writer for the Howard Stern Show. I have to say it was quite a funny trip down memory lane to hear Jackies distinctive voice back on the radio.

TookieWilliams, originally uploaded by willisgirl.


I was saddened to hear that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did not grant clemancy to Stanley Tookie Williams. He was executed by the state on December 13, 2005 . As I have written before on numerous occasions I am against the death penalty. This however does not mean that I am for letting convicted murders go free but to have them remain behind bars for the rest of their lives. I feel that the death of Tookie Williams is a crying shame because of all the good that he has done with his anti gang message. This proves to me more than anything that the death penalty has nothing to do with justice. The death penalty is all about seeking vengeance.

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On an up note I was giddy out of mind when I checked my email today and noticed that I got a letter from Miles Montgomery formerly of the old Baltimore Out to Lunch Show currently Seattle radios Mens Room Show. Miles wrote to say that they (Steve ‘The Thrill’ Hill, Ted, and Miles) read my blog for the first time in Seattle on air. Never in a million years would I have expected to hear anything from them. I wonder what entry they read.......

I know not everyone reading this is from Baltimore, so here’s a brief explanation... The Out To Lunch Show was a very popular comedy talk radio show in Baltimore ala the Don and Mike Show. The comedy talk show featured two divorced guys, one black, the other white, and their hapless, dyslexic, chubby sidekick, Ted. Despite leaving Baltimore a year ago they still have a rabid fan base. Their fan run message board is still up and running despite the show it spawned from being no longer in existence.

Anyway, from what I read on DCRTV their former Seattle station KQBZ underwent a format change from talk to country. So now, Steve, Miles, and Ted are doing their Mens Room Show in afternoon drive on Rocker KISW. I imagine they must be doing bits in between Soundgarden and Metallica. Oh, the hell they must be in! I can only pray for the day that they are returned in syndicated form with a full strength comedy talk show or maybe switch over and do their thing on satellite.

P.S. - Sorry, I could not find a photo on the web of Steve, Miles, and Ted together. I could find plenty of Steve alone but none of them all together. So I decided it would be best to just show a picture of a mens room door.

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