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Friday, December 16, 2005

Today, I went in to work hoping that it would help to clear up my mind a little. It did not help much. I still feel bad about the decision I made. I found it very difficult to sleep last night. I also have to admit that I found it difficult to sleep this entire week. Whenever I close my eyes I sometimes see the bloody face of the victim peering back at me from the photographs the prosecutor gave us to look at.

The shooting victim was shot in the head on September 10, 2002 while holding a bottle of gin in his right hand. The shooting appears to have been done allegedly in retaliation for the victim threatening to kill the defendants mother. It should be noted that it was proven that the victim was drunk out of mind at the time of the shooting.

HOLY SHIT!!! I don’t normally curse a lot in real life or blog life but, HOLY SHIT!!!! I just got finished Googling the name of the defendant and after what I pulled up I am not going to mention his name because I want to live! It had never occured to me to Google his name during the trial because I wanted to render a fair and impartial verdict. Maybe all the other jurors that were fast with their Not Guilty verdicts had Googled his name during the trial? There was even one juror who managed to find a way to get out of the trial. The very next day of the trial he did not show up. The reason he gave was that his wife was sick. Maybe he Googled the defendants name and said, “I’m out of here Jack!! See ya! Do not want to be ya!”

Jimminy Crickets!!! One thing I can say is I suspect that the defendant will get off many more times for murder charges, attempted murder, and felony narcotics charges by packing the courtroom audience with his scary, scary, scary, associates. Like I wrote yesterday those were some scary assed mother fuckers sitting in the courtroom audience. As I wrote before I do not normally curse but the only way I can describe those people is as scary assed mother fuckers. If you saw them you would say, “Those are some scary assed mother fuckers!”

Right now I feel angry and upset that his previous arrests for attempted murder never came up during the trial. I kept telling the other jurors that I felt uncomfortable with the defendant because we knew nothing about him. He was like a mystery man that appeared out of thin air. This bothered me greatly. Apparently, everyone has a past, except the defendant. The only thing we knew about him was that he had a police mug shot because it was entered as part of evidence. What he was previously arrested for on two separate dates we never knew. It should be noted that the witnesses during there initial police statements ID’d him from the police mug shots. When they were on the stand there testimony switched to we don’t know nothing about nothing.

Also the one thing that jumped out at me during the trial was that he had NO alibi!!! Absolutely, no one that testified gave him an alibi to NOT place him at the scene of the crime. Apparently, my Spidey scenes were right on target with my initial feelings about him and the case. However, as I’ve written before, I want to live so I have nothing further to write publicly about this case. One thing I can say is that the Baltimore Crime blog is a very interesting read. So right now I do not feel bad about what I did but lucky that I am alive to write this entry in my blog.

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Blogger D's C commented at 7:46 PM~  

I guess all I can say is I wish you had come to a different conclusion in the Ellerby case, but I understand why you didn't.

Blogger gail commented at 10:50 PM~  

The only way I feel that he will have a 'just trial' is if it were held outside of the city. There were just too many risk factors to weigh in the direction that we (myself and some of the other jurors) really felt about the trial. If there were such a thing as a jurors protection program then trust me the case would have been decided differently.

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