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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Im on time again. The #20 bus came at the right time. Todays driver reminded me of Bookman from Good Times. That is if Bookman had shoulder length dreadlocks. The train came on time as well. Last night I finally managed to find what was causing the wheezing sound that woke me in the middle of the night.

It turns out it was my Golden Retriever that I bought last year as a Birthday present for myself. I suppose his batteries and mechanisms must be running down. It could not be the batteries because I bought new ones a couple of weeks ago. On average I have to replace his batteries about every three months. Nevertheless last night I got a good nights sleep despite doing overtime until 7:30. I think this is because I stuck to doing yoga and meditation before I went off to bed.

Right now Im feeling drousy. The supermarket did not have my usual brand of coffee tea bags and I am not an expert with coffee so Im using International Coffee instant coffee in vanilla. Its not as strong as the other stuff. Last night I felt apprensive about leaving from work because a co-worker who absolutely never does overtime seemed to be hanging around. Then I got this paranoid feeling that maybe he was mad at me for giving him a Christmas card. I really need to get some sleep....

Today, I have on my black Doctor Who sweatshirt, black slacks, a black mock turtleneck, and Nike MaxAir shoes.


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