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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today, I visited my father. On the way over as I waiting on the bus stop I ran into a strange man. He was wearing a white wide brimmed hat, a white jacket, white tennis shoes, grey coloured jeans, and a thick gold chain. He kind of scared me. He kept hopping from one foot to the other. He was either insane or on drugs. He asked me for my phone number. He claimed he was a deacon at a church. He asked me what bus I was taking. Amazingly it was the same bus he had to take. I felt afraid as though there was a good chance he might rob me or something.

The man was suspicious as suspicious can be. Who wears all white anyway? And what was with all that hopping around he was doing? Why did he agree with everything I told him? Im sure if I told him that I liked death metal he would also say that he liked it as well. For the record I do not like death metal.

I was about to get off at my stop then noticed that he sneakily was headed to the back of the bus to get off at the same stop. I looked at him getting off at that stop then I decided to step back. He ended up getting off the bus and I stayed on. I was afraid that he was going to rob me or something worse. The man seemed so odd. There are not THAT many coincidences in the world.

I stayed on the bus until it got up to Pimilco. When I got off near Pimlico I kept on the lookout for the strange man in white. I walked a good forty minutes before I decided to get back on the bus headed towards my fathers house. I figured that forty minutes was more than enough time to shake the strange man in white. Luckily, I saw nothing of him that day. Hopefully he has either been arrested for something or is in the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

I finally saw the new chair that my sister, Carleen, bought him. It is a big, soft leather chair. My father descibes it as the type of chair Donald Trump would have in his office. The chair sat in the living room because it was too big to fit in his bedroom. One thing I have to say about the chair is that it looks and is pretty darn comfy.

While there I could not help myself. I offered to buy my niece, Alexis a computer. I have been thinking about doing that for some time. She is currently looking for a new job and a computer would greatly aid her search.

Also my sister did something extremely disgusting. Instead of picking up food with a fork or spoon she used her hands. Ewww! I can not believe a woman pushing fifty would do something like that.



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Friday, March 30, 2007

This morning I walked down to the light rail station. I was careful to avoid the side of the street with the man on the Medical School steps. When I finally made it down to the station the train left on time.

Yesterday something happened that I thought would never happen in a million years. In fact it was on my list of things that would never happen at work. I won’t get into what is on that list... However high on that list was that co-worker Arnold would never offer to drive me to the annual Christmas luncheon or to the light rail station. He does not appear to be the type of person that offers anything to anyone. So imagine my surprise and delight when he offered to drive me to the light rail station. I still can not believe that he actually offered to drive me to the light rail station! I am sure that this was just a one off deal and that the odds are against him ever offering to drive me aywhere again. The reason why he drove me to the light rail station was that he said he had somewhere to go that was near the Mount Washington stop.

The ride over was very scenic. The area near Mount Washington appears to be very upscale. If I had money I would live there.

The first station preset on his car radio was WBJC so we listened to classical music throughout the ride. This was OK with me because I like classical music in addition to other types of music. In fact I listen to classical music cd’s at work. He told me during the ride that he especially liked baroque music. There was a concert of baroque music at An Die Musik that he was going to. He told me that tickets for shows at An Die Musik were relatively inexpensive. I had no idea that he went out from time to time to classical music concerts. And here I am a BSO subscriber!

Like I wrote before, he does not appear to be the sort that offers anything to anyone. So Im in shock. Its not a bad shock. Its more of a happy awe struck shock. Arnold is number one on my list of favourite co-workers.

Right now Im having a feeling that maybe everything I thought was impossible was in fact possible. Anyway, at the very end of todays post is a video of violinist Nigel Kennedy performing Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Also here is a link to music samples of other baroque composers. Just click here is a link to music samples of other baroque composers to get to it.

Today, I have on khaki green slacks, a pink v-neck lycra shirt, a cotton cardigan of dark blue with a design of red, green, and yellow. On my feet are Nike MaxAir shoes.



NIGEL KENNEDY Plays Spring From Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

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Thursday, March 29, 2007



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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This morning I walked down to the light rail station. The train arrived at 6:10 it usually arrives around 6:13. I wonder if the early arrival time could be due to a new driver. The train stood motionless at Franklin Street for a long time. I checked my watch and he did not pull off again until 6:12. So I assume that the driver stopped there to make up time for arriving too early at my stop. So that way he would be back on schedule.

I know I do not usually report on my afternoon commute. I thought I would do so today because it was so unusual. Yesterday afternoon there was like a zillion people waiting for the Southboubd train. I had never seen so may people waiting for the train into the city. I have no idea what happened nor did the MTA give any explanations for the afternoon train delay. For once when a train is delayed I wish that the MTA would say what happened to the train.

Today, I have on Nike MaxAir shoes, stone washed jeans, a dark blue short sleeve top with a design of white flowers on it, and a red cardigan sweater. Today the temperature is supposed to get up to 77 degrees. I have on the cardigan because I know that the light rail will have the air conditioner on and I do not want to be cold. I swear if it is just 50 degrees outside they turn on the air conditioner on the train. Also there is no telling what the temperature will be inside the office. Last summer it was like the North Pole inside the building. People were walking around with blankets wrapped around them. Heck, they still are!



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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I walked down to the light rail station. I avoided walking on the side of the street with the suspicious looking man wearing the baseball cap. This morning he was sitting on the steps of the Medical School on the MLK Boulevard side. On somedays he just stands on the corner.

On a side note this morning I did not have enough time to pack a lunch or purchase something for lunch at 7 eleven. Because, just as my hand touched the door to the 7 eleven my train pulled into the station. I only had one of two choices to make either board the train and be on time for work and lunchless or miss the train and be late but with a lunch. I chose to be on time but lunchless. I figure I could just purchase something from the vending machine at work.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a black cardigan sweater, a powder blue and white top, and New Balance 653 shoes.



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Monday, March 26, 2007

This morning I woke up late. I did not have enough time to go through my usual morning routine of yoga and 15 minutes on my mini-stair stepper. This morning breakfast was just a cup of coffee, orange juice and a multi-vitamin.

I did manage to walk down to the light rail station. However, I did not see the creepy man who is always on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Baltimore Street. Perhaps he has been arrested?

Anyway, I saw the #20 bus ambling up the street as I was one block away from the light rail station. When I finally got to the station I saw an unusualy large crowd of people. Crowds of that magnitude could only mean one thing,...... the previous and current train are late. Sometimes when this happens the train that comes up the line is sometimes short a car. It is almost as if they do this to add further insult to injury. Luckily, the train that eventually came along had the normal number of cars.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a purple turtleneck with a leaf design on it, and a black cardigan sweater. On my feet are Nike MaxAir shoes.



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Sunday, March 25, 2007

This morning I went to Church then afterwards I went down to Superfresh.

As far as the Church sermon went it was very enlightening.

Today, it had an unusually high potential to be extremely boring. It was a sermon that was purchased at last years church auction. One of the church members requested a sermon about a Baltimore woman who founded the social work profession and was a member of our church. Since she was the high bidder she got the sermon she wanted. This of course makes me wonder if I placed a high enough bid at our Church auction could I get the Reverends to preach a sermon about the virtues of reading Marvel Comics?

Today, I also went to Super Fresh. I went to Super Fresh primarily to get a new shopping cart. They had this sale going on where if you purchased $25 worth of groceries you can buy a shopping cart for $10. The shopping cart was valued at $25. So how could I possibly refuse? The blue shopping cart I have at home is almost on its last legs. One of the wheels is being held together by a crudely attached wire coat hanger.

I figure I will use the blue cart for trips to the laundromat and the white one for trips to the supermarket.

Overall it was a pretty good deal. They even assembled the cart inside the store. I tried to give the man who assembled the cart a monetary tip but he refused. I wanted to give because I felt so greatful. I had no idea that when I bought the cart that it would be unassembled.



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Saturday, March 24, 2007



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Friday, March 23, 2007

MORNING COMMUTE:Today. I left out the door about five to ten mnutes early. I walked all the way down to the light rail station. I enough time if I wanted to to walk down to another light rail station and still be on time for work. This morning, thankfully, I did not see the suspicious looking man who always seems to be on the corner of MLK Boulevard and Baltimore Street sitting on the steps of the Medical School. He always has on a baseball cap. I do not know why he is always there. There is no bus stop on that side of the street. So thus, I walked on the opposite side of the street to avoid him. I'm not sure if he is a potential mugger or drug dealer. Even though there are regular patrols of campus police in my neighborhood I do not feel safe with that person always on the steps at a place where there is no bus stop. Why is he there?

Today, I have on dark slacks, a red cardigan, New Balance 653 shoes, and the first appearance of a short sleeve striped t-shirt this season! The v-neck striped t-shirt I have on is orange, pink, white, yellow, and beige.



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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

I recently found out that VirginFest will be returning to Pimlico Racetrack this summer. The concert will be August 4 and 5th. The headliners will be my favourite 80s group, The Police, one of my favourite 90s groups, Smashing Pumpkins and The Beastie Boys. I can not wait to get my tickets! Just when I thought it would be hopeless that The Police would never play Baltimore a small miracle occurs!

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

American Idol

I have no idea what is going on with the voting on American Idol. I just blame the retarded crying little girl for putting Sanjaya or San-Gyna as I like to call him over the top.

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

San-Gyna is not as talented as Stephanie Edwards, the woman who was voted off this week. Damn that brat! I hope that because of people like her he does not go all the way to winning the competition especially when there are far more talented contestants like Doolitle, Lakeisha, and Chris Sligh. Hopefully, Edwards will still get a singing contract somewhere despite this gross error in judgement that befell the competition last night.

Today, I have on a yellow ochre turtleneck, a dark multi coloured v-neck sweater, blue jeans, and Nike MaxAir shoes.



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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.


I hope you all are having a Happy First Day of Spring or Ostara! As per usual I took the day off work to celebrate the change of season. However, I have to admit that the weather outside is still a bit wintry. We are not expected to make it out of the 40s today.

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Calvert DeForest aka Larry Bud Melman from Letterman. He was my favourite character on Late Night With David Letterman during its run on NBC. I liked that he just seemed like a regular old guy that was unintentionally hilarious in the situations that Dave put him into. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Larry Bud Melman.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This morning I was on time for work. As I was walking down the street towards the light rail station and I saw the #20 bus and got on it. Shockingly the bus was on time and being driven by the chronically late driver.

As I have written a million times I rarely watch TV making exceptions only for American Idol and Heroes. Yesterday was a rare exception. I watched Dancing with the Stars soley to see how Heather Mills, Paul McCartneys soon to be one legged ex-wife would do. She did a pretty good overall. The best dancer out of all the B List celebriries in my opinion was Joey Fatone formerly of NSync. I think this is mainly because in a way he is a ringer. While in NSync he had to do a lot of dancing as well as singing. So it was not too surprising that the chubby guy could actually dance.

I am not sure if I will tune in again when it comes on sometime this week. The main reason is because it seems as though they have a million contestants and you have to wait and wait until the real interesting ones come on. I suppose I might tune in later in the season after the herd has been thinned out a bit.

Today, I have on indigo blue jeans, a brown turtleneck, a red hoodie, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Monday, March 19, 2007

This morning I am late for work.

Anyway, while on the light rail heading to work I noticed that a group of cops got on the train the Mount Washington stop. They all got on the train to check tickets. This was highly unusual because the usual ticket checkers appear to be primarily middle aged women and they only check for tickets in the afternoon. I suppose that the reason that the cops were on the train was to boost their monthly arrest quotas.

One of the cops on the train had serious anger management issues. He was a heavy set black cop. He had a mustache. He looked to be in his late 30s early 40s. He seemed to be angry at everyone on the train. It was as though he wanted to beat up anyone who did not pull out their tickets fast enough for him. I would not be surprised to learn that he has a lot of citizen complaints about his nasty attitude.

Today, I have on stone washed jeans, a black turtleneck, and a turqouise v-neck pullover. On my feet are Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today, I am still feeling a bit depressed about the snow causing me to miss my show at the BSO on Friday. Oh, well if only I had been much braver I would have been able to venture out despite the weather.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Tthis morning it is wet and rainy. I began walking down to the light rail station then saw the #20 bus. It was being driven by the regular driver. I wonder why she is suddenly on time today? Usually on bad weather days she is extra late. Anyway, when I saw the bus I got on it. The train was also on time. Looks like I have been on time for work everyday this week!

Yesterday, it was in the 70s and today they are talking about snow. This afternoon I was terrified out of my mind when I left out from work. A mixture of snow and rain was falling. I have a show to see tonight at the BSO. I know that I will have to skip it because I just know that this mixture is the perfect recipe for an ice storm. I tried to listen to the local weathermen on TV but they never gave a definitive answer as to whether the snow/rain precipitation would turn to ice or snow later in the evening. I was to scared to hedge my bets so I decided to stay home and lament over the wasted BSO ticket.

Today, I have on khaki green slacks, a black cardigan sweater, a long sleeve pink v-neck lycra top, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good news it appears that the batteries in my security simply got misaligned after falling down! So there is no need to replace the alarm.MORNING COMMUTE:
This morning I walked almost down to the light rail station until I saw a #20 bus. The bus was actually on time! However, it was being driver by a different driver. i wonder if the new bus driver schedule has kicked in yet? Also this morning on both trains north and southbound they were short a car. I wonder if it the school children have a day off and that is the reason they decided to run trains that were short by one car? Either, way it would be stupid because I have never seen a school student get on the light rail train at the hours I catch it.

WHAT I AM WEARING:Today, I have on a turqouise hoodie, an ecru lycra top, brown pants, and Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This morning my security alarm fell down. I fear that I may have to replace it. It makes no sound anymore. Either it is broken or the batteries were misaligned with the fall. Either way I will not know for sure until I get back from work.

This morning I walked down t the light rail station instead of waiting for the bus that is always late. On my way down to the station I saw the same man on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Baltimore Street as I did yesterday. He is a tall African American male. He had on khaki pants, a dark blue hoodie pulled up over his head, and a baseball cap with a red bill peaking out. I wonder why he is out on that corner two mornings in a row. To the best of my knowledge it is not a bus stop. I suppose he must be either a drug dealer, vagrant, or potential mugger. Either way I think it is best to avoid him. He seems very suspicious, as if he might be up to no good.

This morning at work I bought in my brand new, newly painted date stamper. Hopefully, no one will run off with it. Try as you may it is hard to come across vibrantly coloured date stampers. So this time if I see it one someone elses desk there can be no dispute as to who it really belongs to. For the record I never confronted the co-worker who took my desk stamper and never returned it. I figure she must have really needed a date stamper. Besides, it was just a date stamper. Now if it was a car or my first born child then it would be an entirely different matter.....

Today, I have on stone washed jeans, a red cardigan sweater, a dark blue crew neck top with a pattern of white flowers on it. On my feet are New Balance 653 shoes.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today, I was on time for work. I walked all the way down the street to the light rail stop with nary a bus in sight.

Sadly, I forgot to try to begin watching 24. Believe it or not I have never watched the show before. I thought I would give it a try because my favourite show, Heroes is on hiatus until next month. Im still miffed that they ended with such a dramatic cliff hanger. Oh, well I guess I will have to wait until next month to find out who wins the fight between Peter and the very creepy brain eating, Sylar? Also will the ever sexy Mohinder survive being pinned to the ceiling by Sylar?

Today, I have on blue jeans, a sky blue and white pullover, and Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Monday, March 12, 2007

I had restless sleep last night. Today is the first working day of daylight savings time. So I spent the entire night worried that I might over sleep. In doing this I did not get very much sleep.

I walked down to the light rail stop. On the way down I saw the #20 bus go by. Amazingly, the bus showed up at its posted time of 6:02. I was too far behind to run up and catch it. Besides, I doubt if the driver will be able to be on time for the rest of the week. Sadly, I also missed the train. This resulted in me being late for work.

Anyway, while on the train I noticed that at the Mount Washington stop a lot of cops got on the train to check tickets. These were actual Baltimore City Police Ofiicers and not the usual middle aged female ticket checkers. I think they were looking for someone or perhaps this was an imaginative way for them to make there monthly arrest quotas. I should note that they never checked my ticket. This is what made get the idea that they were looking for someone in particular.

They did catch a guy on the train without a ticket. They immediatly roughly hustled him off the train. There was a black cop who was particulary aggressive in his handling of the man. I almost wanted to file a complaint against him. There was no reason for him to be that rough towards the man. Clearly, this officer has aggression issues.

Sadly, no new episodes of Heroes will be on until next month. I do not know what I will watch to replace it. I suppose I might give 24 a try. I have never watched it before.

This evening I bought paint at Michaels to paint my date stamper with. I bought enamel paint because I was not sure if any of my acrylic paint would work. You see acrylic paint is plastic based and the date stamper is plastic so I was not sure if the paint would stick. I am 100% positive that enamel paint would work. Growing up my brother used to like to build airplanes, and battleships out of kits. The kits were always plastic and the paint that came with them was always enamel.

The brand of paint I bought was Testors. The shade is Purple Metallic #1531. I have already painted the date stamper. Now all I have to do is let it dry. Right now I am giving serious thought to painting the purple stapler I bought the same shiny colour of the date stamper.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a blue turtleneck, and my favourite sweater of blue, beige, white and tan. The shoes on my feet are New Balance 653s.


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today, I went to Church and saw bits of the annual St. Patricks Day Parade. I did not take my camera with me because I took pictures last year. I can not imagine that the look of the parade would have changed much from last year. Also, I finally bought a new date stamper from Staples. Hopefully this new date stamper does not become Missing In Action like my last one did.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Doctor Who...The Runaway Bride

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

Last night/early Saturday morning I watched The Doctor Who 2006 Christmas special, The Runaway Bride. Since I have a dial up service it took quiet a while to finish viewing the 42 minute episode. I would basically set my timer for 1 hour then wake up to watch portions of the episode in 9 minute blocks. It was 8am Friday morning when I finished watching the episode.

Overall, I really liked Catherine Tate, the woman who played the aforementioned, runaway bride. She was hilarious. I would love for her to come back as a companion.

The episode was pretty good. I felt that the woman who played the Empress spider was a bit of a ham. I don’t know why but she reminded me of Cloris Leachman. You can hear her talking in the preview below. You can't miss it she has this over the top lisp. Below is the BBC1 preview to The Runaway Bride

A Perfect Murder

Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

Later in the day I watched A Perfect Murder starring Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Viggo Mortensen. The movie also had Constance Towers in it. I was surprised to see her in the movie. I had not seen her in ages! She used to play the deliciously evil matriarch, Helena Cassadine on General Hospital. I must say that Towers does a good job in playing bitches of a certain age. I mainly rented this movie because I wanted to see a movie with Mortensen in it. I loved him as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings movies and wondered what else he had done.

Overall, I really liked the twists and turns in the movie. I would definetly recommend it.


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Friday, March 09, 2007

This morning I walked down to the light rail station. I was a little fearful of doing this because of the ice storm. But luckily there was practically no ice on the ground on the route I like to walk. It was smooth sailing until about a block and a half before the light rail station when I ran into a patch of ice. It was melted in spots. So I was thus doing a manuever of hotch scotch to avoid stepping in the icy parts of ground. This of course slowed me down a bit. When I had finally made it past the ice and was on solid non-icy ground I had to run. I had to do this because just as I reached the corner where the light rail station is the train pulled in just as the southbound train was leaving. I got on the train in the nick of time. Today it appears I have had quiet an adventure getting to my train on time.

Today, I have on a pink tweed sweater, khaki slacks, an olive green turtleneck, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

This morning I am late for work. I walked slowly because I am afraid of falling. The snow seems to have fallen primarily on neighborhood sidewalks. There was not any any snow on the downtown business district. Snow was even missing from First Mariner Arenas sidewalk! Usually at First Mariner they do not bother to remove snow from there sidewalk despite it being a major bus hub and sports venue. One nice thing I can say about this particular snow is that overall it is nice and fluffy. I believe that it will melt easily and will leave few patches of ice.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a black turtleneck, a green and white tweed sweater, and Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I woke up this morning later than usual. I was feeling apprehensive because over night snow was forecast by the local weathermen. I looked out the window and did not see a thing. I sighed a sigh of relief then I turned on my telly. City schools were not closed down for the day. A relief of sigh. Then...Eeek! County schools were closing down for the day! I live in the city but work in the COUNTY! OH GOD/GODDESS! NOooo! Was I on my way to walking into a terrential snow storm so powerful that it closed down the county but skipped the city?

When I finally walked out the door I saw what at first I though was a kindly neighbors doing. I thought I was looking at a finely salted down sidewalk. Then I noticed after observing that no one is kind enough to salt down several city blocks. To my horror I realized that I was looking at light dustings of snow. Just before my stomach began to do flip flops with this realization I took a swig of Pepto Bismol. Yep, I carry Pepto Bismol with me everywhere I go. You know just in case..... Anyway, it looks like the snow has started in the city. I wonder if we will get the 2-4 inches they predicted?

As far as the rest of my commute goes I walked down to the light rail station. I did this because I felt that the odds would be greta that the buses might run late on account of the threat of snow. I caught my train on time. However a series of delays occured on the commute. The light rail train stalleed at the North Avenue stop. The driver made an announcement. He said something about a freight train and the Woodbury stop. After a while the train chugged on. Until the train then went out of power at the Mount Washington stop. It took a while for the train to regain power. It looked like I would be late for work despite leaving out on time. In the end I was four minutes late for work. I think that means that I technically I was on time for work. I believe you are considered late if you arrive five minutes after your shift begins.

Today, I found my date stamper. I saw it while doing a brief scan of co workers desks. The stamper was on Lakeishas desk. I assume that she must have on one of my days off borrowed it and forgot to return it. On a previous day off she had borrowed it but remembered to return it. I am not going to say anything to her about it. Afterall, it is just a date stamper. I will buy a new date stamper and carry on. However, with the new date stamper I think I might customize it by painting it my favourite colour, purple.

Today, I have on a blue flannel shirt, indigo blue jeans, a sweater of red, white and blue, with metallis thread running throughout. I also have on my suede and rubber snowboots just in case the weather becomes treacherous later in the day.


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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I walked down to the light rail station. As I was walking down the street the #20 bus showed up. WoW!! The chronically, late driver has been running on time two days in row. This makes me wonder, Why the sudden change?

When I got down to the light rail station, on foot I might note, I was the only person on the stop until 6:08. That was the time that the #27 or was it the #19 bus arrived? I had no idea that so many people that I take the train with in the morning transfered from those particular buses.

WHAT I AM WEARING:Today, I have on khaki pants, a yellow ochre turtleneck, a dark multi colored v-neck sweater, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Monday, March 05, 2007

I walked down to the light rail station. Then as I reached the Medical School I saw the #20 bus. I hopped on the bus. WoW! This is the earliest I have ever seen her arrive! She was actually following her schedule. As you can imagine I caught the light rail on time and am on time for work.

Still no sign of my date stamper at work. I wonder if the person who might have borrowed it will return it or if I can consider it stolen?

Today, I have on a black turtleneck, Nike MaxAir shoes, blue jeans, and a fair isle knit sweater of red, black, olive green, and white.


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Sunday, March 04, 2007


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Today, I went to Church. I had not been there in quiet a while. I noticed that Reverend Hubbell had on what appeared to me to be a new robe/shawl thing. It looked very artsy. It had an abstract collage look to it. She looked very nice in it.

Also today was the ceremony to welcome in new Church members. I have yet to become an official member of the Church. I believe that if you become an official member you probably have to start paying regular financial dues or something. I would hate to find out how much it costs to be a member of First Church. I imagine the dollar amount is pretty steep.


Originally uploaded by willisgirl.

After Church I went home to watch an animated movie called The Triplets of Belleville. The movie utilised the combined creative efforts of Paris, Belgian, and Montreal Canada. Overall in attitude the film had a French feel to it. There was also very little dialogue in the film.

The animation seemed to have a British feel to it. In that I’ve noticed that British animation (OK, Im basing this on Danger Mouse ) has a more carefully drawn detailed background drawing. Whilst, American and Japanese animation seems to have more cartoony and quickly drawn look to their background drawings.

As far as the film goes. I enjoyed it. I loved the unique singing style of The Triplets. I have to admit that I felt sickly watching the twins constantly eat frogs. Other than the frog eating I would highly recommend the film.



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Saturday, March 03, 2007

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The big event today was seeing tap dance sensation, Savion Glover perform live at the Meyerhoff. He performed non-stop for 45 minutes to the music of Duke Ellington backed by the BSO. By the end of the show you could see sweat all over him. During his 45 minute dance routine he never sad word one to the audience. A woman in front of me said that he probably was not talking because he was out of breathe. I believe she was right. I only saw him take a sip of water from a clear bottle that was on stage in between breaks in the music. After he took a brief sip he tapped on. I had never seen anyone that intensely focused on the dance.

Thankfully, he did a Question and Answer session with the audience after the show. I am glad that I stayed for that. He turned out to be a very likable guy. I was begining to think during his dance routine that he did not want to talk to the audience because he did now want to be in Baltimore.

I still wish he could have said a little something between the tapping like, Hey there B-more! Glad to be out here with you and the BSO in your lovely city! Right here Im going to be taping to some music by Duke Ellington. Sit back relax and enjoy.

An interesting fact I learned from the Q and A session was that the stage he danced on was designed by his mentor, the late Gregory Hines. The stage that he danced on had microphones set up strategically on the bottom.

Overall, I would have to say that I feel blessed to have seen a living legend perform live in person.



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Friday, March 02, 2007

This morning it was cold, wet, and dreary. In other words the perfect weather to return back to work after recovering from strep throat! Sadly, despite the weather I was late for work.

Overall, I was surprised how many people today at work asked how I was doing. I had no idea that they even noticed that I was gone or even noticed that I existed. It was a very humbling experience.

I have to admit that I do not entirely feel one hundred percent well. I would say Im more at sixty percent well. I still feel quiet shaky and my voice has not recovered all the way. However, my throat is no longer cherry red. So I suppose that since my throat is no longer cherry red then I am no longer contagious.

Sadly, the first thing I noticed when I got back was that someone had apparently took my date stamper without asking permission. I hope that they will return it. I bought and paid for that date stamper with my own money. Oh, well I suppose I can not get all bent out of sorts over a date stamper. It is only a date stamper after all....

Today, I have on a red hoodie, a yellow ochre turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance 653 shoes.



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Thursday, March 01, 2007

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I am still out sick today from work. I intend on going back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, my voice is still raspy.



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