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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Monday, March 31, 2008


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Sunday, March 30, 2008


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Saturday, March 29, 2008


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Friday, March 28, 2008


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Thursday, March 27, 2008


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


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Monday, March 24, 2008


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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forgot to write down my stats.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday I went to the laundromat. It is still closed so I had to go to the one in my old neighborhood. It is a total of 35 minutes in one direction. I was going to go to visit Future Care Sandtown Winchester afterwards but I had promised my grand niece Adrianna I would be over there today with chicken so I decided to head over to KFC then over my sisters house with the chicken. I figured after I was done over there I would go to Walmart to pick up my new pedometer. Surprisingly, my niece Alexis, who never offers to drive me anywhere drove me to the subway station because she had to meet some friends at the Plaza. Sadly, as I was on the train I realized that I needed a photo ID to pick up the pedometer with me. I did not have one on me. So instead I went to the supermarket.

Forgot to write down my daily stat from off of my Omron HJ 112 pedometer

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Friday, March 21, 2008


Vienna by Ultravox

Today’s Friday video straight off my eclectic iPod/iTunes list is the newly added Vienna by Ultravox. I had to get this after seeing that breath taking scene of Gene Hunt rescuing Alex Drake from the locked building on Ashes to Ashes. That scene was absolutely cool.

Im thinking about putting my father in Future Care Sandtown Nursing Home. My niece, Lisa says does not like how they wash everyones clothes at the same time and they put people out for nonpayment. The people at vitalcheck called to tell me that I could not get a copy of my father’s birth certificate because in MD only the person on the certificate or the parents can get a copy. She said the only way I can get a copy is if I contact the library of congress. She said the amount I paid would be refunded.

This afternoon I visited Dad and bought along a box of Lorna Doone cookies. I was happy to see Uncle Leon there.


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I have the next two days off. Today I looked around to see if I could get a copy of my fathers birth certificate. I went to it was quicker than going to social security. I would have had to have waited in line for a long time and would not have gotten it until 2 weeks later. Ordering online I would still have to wait two weeks but have skipped the waiting in line part. I also called Nursing Homes to see if they would be able to keep my father. Good Samaratan said yes. That’s good it has good ratings and a low number of complaints. I would have liked him to go to St. Josephs but all 40 beds are filled. I want him somewhere where it is nonprofit and small. Noticed that places fitting that profile have good customer satisfaction. I do not want him someplace that is big and corporate owned with a small over worked nursing staff.


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today, it looks like Im going to be on time for work. I got on the #20 bus. Was fearful I might run into Mr Harris wife. I can not recall what she looks like. This morning there was a ticket check on the train.

Visited Dad yesterday per the advice of my brother I let the nursing home know that his wallet is missing. I spoke with the head nurse. I also let them know that yesterday I contacted the credit bureau to check to see if any activity has occured with his finances. I went back to his room and Alexis was there. She let me know about all the bills that were due. The mortgage company gave them a break payment not due until the 30th. When I arrived Mr. Harris was gone. When I got back from talking with the head nurse he was back and awake. Alexis said the nurse asked where he was at he was missing for two hours. She surmised that he was most likely out buying drugs. He does look a little shady. Maybe his comatose state is due to the use of illicit drugs.

The Gene Hunt Scene in Ashes To Ashes

Last night I finally watched last weeks episode of Ashes to Ashes. Favourite scene was when Gene HUnt shot out the window to rescue Alex to the tune of the Ultravox song Vienna. It was absolutely brilliant. I gasped in amazement. They are big time shipping him and Alex. I hope that they never consumate the relationship. That would ruin everything.

There are two more episodes left for this season. The show will be back next season. Also the BBC renewed The Sarah Jane Adventures. The show was bought for the US markets by the Sci Fi network. Despite it being a kids show I rather liked it. I liked it more than the first season of Torchwood. It should be noted that the current second season of Torchwood kicks ass.

Today I have on blue jeans and a light blut zipper up top that has a white tee shirt peaking out. The shoes on my feet are Reebok Walk Steady brand shoes.


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I could barely fall asleep last night I was sick with worry that my father might be a victim of credit fraud. I shot off an email to both my nieces to see what they think I should do. In the meantime all I can do is wait for a copy of his credit report to come in the mail.

I wanted to get his check cashed but now can not with his wallet stolen. He has bills piling up left and right. Im sure by now they have foreclosed on the house. In the meantime he is sitting on three checks that could stop it all and now Im stymied by the missing wallet. I will call around and see what other family members think I should do.

I wonder if the staff is from Kenya? Are Kenyans in nursing homes the equivalent to Nigerians with email? I know the first floor staff were not counting on the fact that I visit my father daily and notice little things. Like that the heat is turned up high on the weekdays in his room but is at a normal temperatures on the weekend when patients are most likely to get visitors. Also his room mate is next to commatose on the weekdays when I visit. On the weekdays he is up and at em. I think that they drug them and keep the heat up high to keep them asleep. My father was like that when I came to visit after he got back from Maryland General.

I suppose they were not counting on that I was the type of person who visits daily. I do not trust the first floor staff they seem kind of shady. The fourth floor people seemed less antsy. Everytime I visit on the first floor there is this one nurse who busies herself in his room whenever I come to visit. Yesterday she was taking the temperature of Mr. Harris who was in a comatose like sleep. Is it normal procedure to take the temperature of a sleeping man? I do not trust that woman. It would not surprise me that she was the one who lifted his wallet and is now opening various accounts with my fathers social security number.

Today I have on blue jeans, Doctor Scholls Attribute tennis shoes, and a dark blue hoodie with a grey sweatshirt peaking out.


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Monday, March 17, 2008

This morning I am late for work.

Today I visited my father at the nursing home. I was shocked to find his wallet missing from out of his pants pocket. Im not sure if I should call the police to file an official report. In the meantime I have contacted Equifax to get a copy of his credit report to ensure that no one has started to falsely to use his social security number to open up bank accounts, credit cards, or file tax returns.

There was once a gang of Kenyans who infiltrated a nursing home in Missouri who were accused of Identity theft. They caught all but one of them.

I can not help but feel suspicious because there is a lot of Africans working there. Also one of his slippers is missing there were two in his hospital bag. Im not sure if a member of the staff is responsible. It could have been a patient. There are more than a few amputees hobling around the place. I wanted to take my father to cash his pension checks but now can not because his wallet was stollen. He always kept it in his pants pocket in a bag. I found the pants in a hamper without the wallet. For the past few days the bag was on his nightstand. I have autismn and tend to notice if tiny things are out of place. If I report it to the police I hope the nursing home does not start to retailliate against my father. I suppose if they do then I will know for sure that it is not a good place for him to be in.

Today I have on a pink top, a turquoise hoodie, and khaki tan pants. On my feet are Athletic Works Joanie running shoes.


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today I went to church. A couple of people walked out on the service. It started to get too overly Christian. The guest minister I believe clearly had more of a Christian than general purpose Unitarian bent to his sermon than I am used to. I hate to admit it but I also felt like getting up and walking out during his service.

Also today was the Baltimore St. Patricks Day parade. I was scheduled to go to the ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) Baltimore meeting but skipped it. The streets were too crowded with people waiting for the parade to start. I was having panic attacks left and right. To be fair when I went to Starbucks I saw that no one had stuck a sign on the meeting room door then decided to leave. I arrived at 1:10 and left at 1:12. I figured no one was going to come so I left.

Since I did not go to the meeting I went to the BSO to see there Viva Vegas Show. It was glitzy Vegas fun. BSO Pops Director, Jack Everly really knows how to put on a show.


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

This morning I went into work. I did it because I needed the money. I was going to go to the Washington Aspergers Meeting but decided to hold off until next month. Tomorrow my schedule is pretty full with Church, the Baltimore ASAN (Autism Self Advisory Network), and a BSO concert that will have a Vegas theme.


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Friday, March 14, 2008


Today’s musical selection off of my vast iPod/iTunes/cd collection is Fade to Grey by Visage. What can I say Im a child of the 80’s! I love keyboard centric music. Heck, I play the keyboard. I also love the freakishly over the top look of men in makeup.

Today I am on time. The bus arrived at its scheduled time as did the train.

TV on the Internet
Last night I tried to find the latest episodes of Torchwood and Ashes to Ashes. Unfortunately, they are not up yet. So I tried a show I had never watched before, The Wire. I found it very eerily similar to the real Baltimore. Im not sure if Im going to watch it on a regular basis because it did not feel like escapist entertainment. It felt real. Im black and I live in Baltimore city. I know people like these. Heck, I can just walk out my door and see all the folks that the characters from The Wire are based on.

I think the main reason I like to watch Sci Fi themed shows is to escape the reality of living in the hood. The Wire felt too real for me to enjoy watching.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a dark blue hoodie, and Doctor Scholls Attribute tennis shoes.


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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The train was one car short. Im still late this morning but not a whole hour late. I corrected the problem and moved my clocks two hours ahead of time. I also set the alarm clock and went to bed early.

Governor Spitzer of New York resigns because of his involvement in a prostitution ring. Dude had a call girl bill of 80k. His call girl was 40k a session. I would love to know what she does to get 40k. Personally, I feel 80k is a bit much. With Spitzer’s resignation New York gets its first African American governor. The whole thing with Spitzer is ironic because he touted himself as a law and order anti corruption candidate.

Today I have on blue jeans, a black v-neck sweater that has a white sweater peaking out. On my feet are Reebok Walk Steady shoes.


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Im currently feeling shell shocked. It appears I got up late and was doing everything an hour late. I did not realize anything was off until I got to the light rail station and noticed it was over run with teenagers. Then I looked at my watch and was horrified to realize I had been running an hour late the entire morning! It did not begin to register until that point. I hate this time of year. Daylight savings time was Saturday night. My alarm clock did not go off because I forgot to set it the night before and now I woke up at the time it would normally be. I had my clocks set an hour ahead of time because I was too lazy to change them during the fall. So I woke up with the clock saying 5:30 thinking it was actually 4:30 the time I set it to. Not realizing until I got to the light rail station that I was running an hour late. I still can not believe this happened without me realizing what had gone on until it was much too late. If I were paying more attention I would have hustled more. I suppose I will have to move the clocks up an hour from the real time so I will not get confused in the morning and think that the clocks are running an hour fast and that the time displayed is the real time.

Dad out of Hospital
Yesterday, my father was moved out of Maryland General Hospital and back to the Nursing Home. I was just 20 minutes behind according to the nurses. He had left just twenty minutes ago for the nursing home. So I headed over to the Nursing Home. He was not in his usual room they moved him to a room on the first floor. He now has an oxygen thing attached to him that he breathes into. He brought his dinner with him over from the hospital. I did not know that they would transport food with you when you moved.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a sky blue long sleeve top that zippers up to reveal a white t-shirt peaking out underneath. On my feet are Doctor Scholls Attribute tennis shoes.


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This morning I am deeply perturbed. I did everything on time, heck early. I left out a good ten minutes early yet the bus was late. I hate the constant unknown variable of the bus driver. Sure, the schedule says it arrives at 6:04 but sometimes it shows up early or in the case of today five minutes late. When it does this it of course has the effect of making me late when I did everything in my power to be on time. By all rights I should have been on time today! I would have been on time for work if it was not for the bus driver. I wonder of they could be replaced by computers or an animatronic robot? That way they would probably arrive at there scheduled arrival times. You would not have to worry about a robot having a bad day the night before and coming in late. Also it would be cheaper. They could equip them with video cameras. It would be great.

I suppose they could not do it because Im sure some toughs would probably abuse the robots or find a way to over ride their programing and get free rides or something. I guess I will have to start walking down the street. I saw a cab but decided not to take it because I thought Id see the bus any minute. This was breaking my prime directive that whenever you see a cab in the morning and have money by all means hail the cab .

The one thing stopping me from getting a car is that I do not like the idea of constantly pouring money into it. You have to pay for gas, you have to pay for insurance which is high if you live in the city. Its like if you own a car the city, state, and gas companies are holding you hostage and you have to pay outlandishly exhorbitant fees for the use of your own car. I guess what Im trying to say is that in essence Im a cheapskate and do not want to give money to people who already have it. Gas companies are having record profits at the expense of others. I will not line the pockets of multi-millionaire America is degenerating into two classes the haves and have nots. The middle class is eroding. Pretty soon it will not exist. Then there will be only two classes the rich and the poor. Its like utility and gas companies are doing there damnest to squeeze out the middle class. Its like lets see how high can we push rates to erode the middle class so they can be in poverty. Hmmm three dollar gas rates has not done it yet....lets try 4, hmmm 5.... 6 etc. BGE is constantly increasing rates for what purpose...... only to line their pockets! Its no surprise that these types of companies are currently enjoying record profits on the backs workers. Geez, Im starting to sound like a Commie!

Yesterday, I bought a new alarm clock. I soon found out when I got home that my old alarm clock was working fine. I just set it wrong. What with daylight savings time I had to reset all my clocks. So I had set it for 4 in the afternoon instead of four in the morning. I though this morning that it had fallen one too may times off my night stand and was broke because it also did not go off Sunday morning.

Today I have on blue jeans, a denim blue flannel shirt, Athletic works Joannie running shoes.


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Monday, March 10, 2008

On time for work had to run to catch the train. It came on time. I need to get a new alarm clock. It appears that my clock has fallen one two many times and now ceases to ring.

Today I have on a Pink v-necksweater, a pink blouse, blue jeans, and Doctor Scholls Attribute tennis shoes.


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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I started the morning by going to the laundromat. Was horrified to find that Dirt Busters, my neighborhood laundromat had a sign in the window that said closed until further notice. This meant I would have to find another place to wash my clothes. I have rarely ventured around the neighborhood so I have no idea where the closest laundromat is. The only thing I could think to do was go back to my old neighborhood and wash my clothes at the Bolton Hill laundromat. I miss that place so much. It’s a magical place where all the washing machines work. Theres a supermarket and a Rite Aid right next door to it. Its perfect!

According to Mapquest it is about 2 miles from where I live. Nevertheless I walked there both ways. I got a little lost coming home because I thought I would take a detour by walking down Dolphin Street then hitting Fremont Avenue. I forgot the fact that at a certain point Fremont Avenue is cut off by a freeway but continues on the other side of the highway.

I had a nice walk down Dolphin Street. There was a section of the street that was very nice. It reminded me of the neighborhoods of my youth. Almost all the houses were occupied and there were no suspicious looking people on the corners. The neighbor I believe is called Little Africa. A number of houses had stickers in their windows of the black power flag? of red, black, and green. There was even a red, black, and green flying in someones window. Im not sure if the neighborhood is primarily inhabited by African immigrants or middle class blacks. I noticed more than a few pricey cars parked in the neighborhood.

Also today I went to Church then visited my father. Darlene showed up as soon as I saw her I bolted because it was the perfect excuse to leave for my serious hike out of 21201 to the 21217 laundromat.


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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Today, I did Saturday overtime at work. Afterwards I visited Dad. I bought Lorna Doone cookies with me. Lorna Doone’s are one of his favourite cookies. His other favourite are graham crackers. Soon after I left I went over to see my sister Carleen. I came over with KFC chicken. She was the only one home. Everyone had left to go to a birthday party.

Note: I had to replace the battery today on my Omron HJ - 112 pedometer. As a result of replacing the battery I lost the Walking Stats that are stored on the pedometer from Tuesday up until the time I replaced the battery. Thus the stats below are only from the time I replaced the battery onwards.


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Friday, March 07, 2008


Over You by Roxy Music

Today’s video is another song directly off my iPod/iTunes list. It is Over You by Roxy Music. I have absolutely adored this song for well over twenty years. It makes me feel Oh So Happy! I also adore the lead singer of Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry solo and with the group. He looked absolutely sexy and suave back in the day. He still looks Fantastic. Unfortunately back when this song originally came out they did not make a video for it. So you have the above fan made video made of pictures of the eternally hot Bryan Ferry.

Late again but feel much more optimistic. This week I ran out of my anti-depressants. A replacement bottle arrived in the mail yesterday. I took some and feel a whole lot better. I also visited my father yesterday. I had not visited him in three days. As a result I was feeling miserable and found myself going off to bed later than I usually do. This morning I feel a billion times better. I also realized yesterday that the radio I carry around that has a digital clock on it is running slow as is the clock on my pedometer. I adjusted the time on the radio because I use it more as a clock as I do not own a watch. Well, I own a wrist watch but it needs batteries...

Daylight Savings Time starts up sometime this month and its an ordeal to change any function on the pedometer without the instruction manual. So I’ll wait until its absolutely necessary.

Last night I watched the two episodes of Torchwood I missed. They were all about Owen after Jack used the ressurection glove on him to bring him back to life after him being shot. Really, loved the Owen-centric episodes. Burn Gorman is a really good actor. I do not know why but he kind of looks like Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees with very short hair.

Right now Owen is still alive yet dead, he has no vital signs. He can not eat or drink because since he is dead his digestive system has shut down. In a since he is kind of like a zombie/vampire only he does not feed on anything. I have also downloaded the latest episode from Wednesday night and plan on watching it tonight.

I have to look around for last nights episode of Ashes to Ashes. The series has seriously picked up with last weeks episode. Alex’s godfather having an affair with her mother was totally unexpected. This leads me to wonder if possibly he is her real father or maybe he abused her as a child.

I am also wondering what is the nature of his relationship with her as an adult. When I saw him in the pilot episode I thought he was her daughters father. Now I find out he is her godfather! Yikes! Did he have designs on her since she was a child? And to think she is a psychologist! I must find out what is going on!

I also like the relationship between her and Gene Hunt. They have good chemistry. I like how she said she used to be a prostitute then said she was saying it to make a point because there was a case about a prostitute who was raped and the other male officers did not consider it to be too much of a priority to solve. Based on how she seems to be always be sleeping around I say she was telling the truth but decided to take it back. Alex seriously sleeps around which is eye opening for a female lead character in a cop show. Alex is very smart, posh, yet has the manners of a sewer rat.

I wonder if the reason she was transported back to the 80’s is to save her parents from being blown up in a car bomb or to find out who is responsible for their eventual deaths? My vote for the person most likely resposible for their eventual deaths is creepy godfather/future husband?/mom’s lover/family friend Owen. Why has he ingratiated himself so much into her life? Upon seeing Owen for the first time as an adult transported into a timeline where she is a child she gushes when she sees and says Gosh you were so cute! This was a very odd thing to say.

Today, I have on khaki beige slacks, a bright blue v-neck sweater with quarter length sleeves, and a beige long sleeve lycra top underneath. On my feet are Doctor Scholls Attribute tennis shoes.

Forgot to Write Down My Daily Walking Stats from off of my Omron HJ 112 Pedometer.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Im extremely late for work this morning. I would have been earlier if it was not for the fact I woke up late. I woke up fifteen minutes before the time I normally leave out. Then I walked instead of waited for the bus I would have been about 20 minutes late if it was not for the cop car that decided to half park at a corner. It was hard to say if he was about to drive off. He was parked at an insane length away from the curb. I was afraid that he might ticket me or something so instead of walking when I had plenty of opportunities to cross the street I waited until the light turned red. He was a University Police and they I imagine are plenty bored and just looking for reasons to ticket people. My niece was pulled over by them on Thanksgiving for a minor offence. So I am weary and overly cautious whenever I see them because I know they are bored and just looking for reasons to ticket people no matter how small the offence.

I think I should try and visit my father. I usually visit him daily after work. I wonder if being there everyday annoys him. Also last time when Uncle Leon came over I heard him say under his breath I wish Gail was not here. I think maybe he wanted to cuss or something or maybe Im annoying and boring. My father was stronger when he first was there but it now seems as though he has become progressively weaker. I think this is due to him not getting any physical therapy while in the hospital.

Sadly, I found out that the episode of Torchwood with Martha Jones in it was not the absolute latest episode of Torchwood. Apparently, including last night’s episode I have two episodes to watch before Im caught up. Luckily, I downloaded the episode I missed yesterday. The one that aired on the BBC last night probably will not be available until sometime today.

Today, I have on black slacks, a yellow ochre mock turtleneck, and a dark multi coloured v-neck sweater and shiny black leather lace up shoes.

Forgot to write down my daily walking stats from off my Omron Pedometer

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am absolutely devastated. It appears my plan that has been working great has finally unraveled. I forgot about the unknown variable known as the bus/light rail driver. Yep, you guessed it one of them was not running according to the posted MTA schedule. This time the train pulled off earlier than it was scheduled to. The bus was a little late but not by too much. As I was walking towards the light rail station I gasped in horror as I saw the train pull off a minute earlier than it was supposed to. I had nothing else to do but wait for the next Hunt Valley train which would make me late. So to be productive I walked down to the Camden Yards light rail station.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a black v-neck sweater that has a thin white sweater peaking underneath, and Reebok Walk Steady shoes.

Forgot To Write Down The Stats From Off of My Omron Pedometer

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It looks like Im going to be on time this morning. I washed and put out my clothes the night before. I did not do that yesterday which was why I was late. I think the generic brand of coffee I bought is not as strong as the name brand coffee. I keep nodding off to sleep on the light rail. With the name brand coffee this rarely happened. Maybe the generic brand got switched with there generic brand of decaffeinated coffee. The stuff just does not have enough of that stay awake caffeine in it.

Scenes from Ashes To Ashes

Last night I watched the latest episode of Ashes to Ashes. It was significantly better than previous episodes. I suppose they will be shipping Gene Hunt with the new lead Alex Drake. They seem to be in a lot of compromising positions lately.

Alex Drake the very logical female police psychologist and Gene Hunt the very chauvinistic Alpha Male cop. I like that it turns out her mother is not the saint that she remembered. The woman is a first rate bitch and cheats on her husband with the family friend.

So now I am all caught up on Ashes to Ashes. The newest episode airs on Thursdays in the UK. I am also caught up on Torchwood. I must say Torchwood this season is miles better than it was last season. Torchwood airs on Wednesdays in the UK. Last weeks episode featured the appearance of Martha Jones, Dr. Who’s latest companion joining the Torchwood team. I still have to watch the 4th episode called Meat which features Gwen’s cop boyfriend helping the team. I fell asleep trying to watch the episode. It was late when I was trying to watch. I think it is a safe that whoever Tosh is dating is sure to be marked for death. Its like her boyfriends are comparable to the red shirts on Star Trek.

Today, I have on a black turtleneck, a turqouise v-neck sweater and black slacks. On my feet are black canvas generic tennis shoes that I think cost me just five or six bucks at Walmart.

Forgot to write down the stats from my Omron Pedometer

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Monday, March 03, 2008

It is supposed to be a little warm this morning. Despite the promise of a warmth this morning Im late for work.

I have been enjoying watching the follow up of the BBC series Life on Mars called Ashes to Ashes. It follows Alex Drake who is a police psychologist and single mother who is transported back to the 80s. The plot lines have been obvious. You can probably spot the bad guys pretty quickly.

The only problem I personally have with the series is the music. After watching an episode I find myself searching my cd collection or going over to iTunes to download 80s music I had forgotten I loved. So right now my iPod has an 80’s sound. One forgotten 80’s classic from the show is Fade to Gray by Visage. Its like every episode I watch theres a song playing that makes me go Oh God! I love that song. Do I own it? Then I go off to search my 80’s cd’s. Ever seen the movie High Fidelity, well my cd collection is like that. I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of pop music. My specialty is the 80’s. I own a scary amount of cd’s and now mp3’s. I could probably start my own radio station.

Today, I have on a brown sweater with a matching brown top along with black slacks, and black lace up shoes.


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Sunday, March 02, 2008

This morning I went to Church. The sermon today was on A. Powell Davies. He was a prominent activist who was also a minister at All Souls Unitarian Church in DC during the 40s and 50s. It was a sermon that someone bid on during our annual Church auction. You can make a bid for the sermon of your choice to be done by our ministers and someone made a bid and they had to do a sermon on whatever the winner chose. I learned a lot about the dimunuative giant at DCs All Souls Church.

Afterwards I went to visit my father. While in the hospital I talked to my brother, Carlos, on the phone. He is still breathing heavy. I imagine he is still over 300 pounds despite having the quadrouple bypass surgery last spring. My nieces told me that he still smokes.

I could not stay until closing time at the hospital because I had a show to see at the BSO. The BSO were going to perform and orchestration of the Charlie Chaplins movie, City Lights.

I think I should have drank coffee or Red Bull before I left to see it. I nodded off a couple of times while watching it. I drank coffee before leaving for Church. I suppose I needed a second dose of it to get through the movie. It was OK. I loved the boxing match scene. I also loved the scene where he swallowed the whistle. The story line was very sweet. Charlie Chaplin not only starred in, wrote, and directed the movie, he also composed the music.

Not sure if I was falling asleep out of boredom, sleep deprevation, or need of caffeine.


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Saturday, March 01, 2008

This afternoon I went to Center Stage to see Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. I got there a little earlier than usual. I found it interesting that they cast two African American actors in the part as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. It gave it a deeper meaning. Then again maybe it was just me... While at the play I saw a couple of people from Church. I also saw my cousin Karen there and her husband. I saw them I don’t think they saw me. The play was in the upstairs Head Theatre. It was a play that takes place within Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The one actor I spotted from previous productions was the legendary Laurence O’Dwyer.


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