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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Yesterday, I went to the 6th Annual get together of the art mobile e-mail list. My main fear was that I would be the only one that showed up.

I arrived at the Senator Theater at about 5:45. This was great because a band was supposed to be playing at Belvedere Square which is across the street from the movie theater. When I arrived they were just setting up. I noticed that a number of people were already there. These people had brought chairs with them. I wasn’t about to be standing up up for an hour and a half. The free concert was supposed to start at 6:00. I was supposed to meet Richard from the mail list at 7:30. I was suppose to hand a person I had never met before $10 to see a movie. Was I insane? Was I the only one to show up?

Since the band was setting up I thought it would be great to get something to eat while watching the concert. I was enchanted by a sign I saw across the street that read, Egyptian Pizza. I thought it would be neat to get a slice of exotic pizza. I soon found out that they did not sell slices of pizza. Feeling disenchanted I walked further up the street to the gas station on the corner and bought a bag of chips and two sodas. When I got out the gas station I noticed that there were even more people gathered for the concert. I decided that I would stay on the side of the street I was on. It wasn’t like U2 or the Stones were playing. I could hear them just as well across the street as I would near the square. I decided to sit down on a brick pillar where I ate my chips, drank one of my soda’s, and did crossword puzzles up until it was time to leave for the show.

Every now and then I’d look across the street and wonder who amongst the crowd was part of the internet group. Then I saw a familiar face, the computer guy from Towson University’s art department. I couldn’t quiet remember his name. Like Eureka! I recalled that his name was Richard! Then a thought occured to me was Richard from Towson the same Richard that owns the mail list? Nah, it couldn’t be. Then I noticed that a lot of people seemed to walk up to him and know him. Maybe he’s more popular than I thought he was. However, the question kept running through my mind was he the list owner or the most popular man in Belvedere Square?

Then I was surprised to see a man who looked a lot like Glenn Flodstrum my former chemistry professor at UMAB’s med tech school. I wasn’t quite sure if it was him or someone who looked like him. Who ever it was he seemed to know Richard quiet well. Then at around 7:20 I decided to walk towards the Senator to see if anyone else showed up for the movie and to finally settle the Richard mystery once and for all. I also noticed that the group of people who were with Richard across the street also began to move towards the theater. This is getting weird!!

When I got to the theater I didn’t quiet know what to expect. I had never met anyone from the internet before. For the first time this whole situation sounded silly and downright crazy. I saw no one who looked as though they were waiting for people. I went up to the guy at the box office and told him my situation. I expected him to call the cops or something. He told me to go inside the theater and that the ticket taker would give me a ticket. Again this all seemed silly. I was afraid to go up to the ticket taker and tell him my situation. It took a while before I gathered my courage to go up to him. When I told him he wasn’t surprised shocked or immediately called security. He told me to go to the left and head up the stairs. I was so relieved and yet still scared that I went to the right instead of left.

Eventually, I made it upstairs. The woman ahead of me on the stairway was disabled and there was a concessions person who had boxes of popcorn with her. When I got upstairs there was a table with two pieces of notebook on it. One read left wing the other read right wing. There was also Hershey’s Kisses covering the table. I grabbed a few. I noticed that the majority of Hershey’s taken were those on the left wing. There was also a wooden bucket that contained beer. There was a lot of people there too. So I was not the only one there!

Also there are two sections to the Senator theater’s private upstairs area. I first tried to find a seat in the ‘ahem left wing but noticed that the majority of seats were taken. So I went over to the right wing and found a seat near the aisle.

Also, I found out that Richard from Towson is in fact Richard the e-mail list owner. They’re the same person! I had never really thought to give a mental picture to Richard’s name on the list because no last name was attached to it. However, after seeing him and kinda sorta already knowing him from my days at Towson, I’d say that the celebrity he most resembles is a taller, glasses wearing, Matt Damon. He especially reminds me of Matt Damon as seen in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

I would later find out that evening that the man who looked like Mr. Flodstrum, my chemistry professor was none other than Rev Paul, the mail art guy! The resemblance to Mr. Flodstrum was over whelming. He had the same mannerisms, voice intonations, and everything. He was like Mr. Flodstrum but not Mr. Flodstrum. I learned of his identity when Richard introduced him to the group. After the introduction Rev Paul then went through a presentation about the mail art show that the Creative Alliance was putting on. He later handed out red square pieces of paper with the address to send the mail art to after September. Someone in the audience asked him what he was a reverend in. I didn't quiet catch his response. It sounded like he said hermetic or something like that. I can't think of a celebrity that Rev Paul looks like except for Mr. Flodstrum who's not a celebrity.....

A few minutes later the movie began. I didn’t read any reviews about the movie before hand. Therefore, I wasn’t expecting too much one way or the other. Overall, the movie was ok. It wasn’t the best movie I ever done seen!The Village, was ok. I found it somewhat predictable. At first I thought that they were a group of right wing conservatives who banded together to get back to the alleged good old days. The one thing that led me to this conclusion was that there were no blacks or other minority groups in the village. Also they kept going on about crime and the violent deaths of there loved ones. It turns out that they were a group from a counseling center who decided to live like the good old days.

After the movie I fled the theater. My bus was due to come at any minute and I didn’t want to miss it. I think they were all going to some pub or bar with an Irish name after the movie. I don’t drink so I didn’t see the point in hanging around and going to the bar. Also, I think it would make people feel uncomfortable if I sat around and watched them drink.

If they did this again next year I would definitely be there, bad movie or not. Richard did a great job organizing the event. I swear, I'm not just saying that because there was a bountiful amount of free Hershey's Kisses at the theater.

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Friday, July 30, 2004

Today, the bus and light rail were both on time. However, I saw the man I have dubbed the harbinger of lateness on it. I hope his presence doesn’t cause the train to suddenly grind to a halt somewhere between the Baltimore arena and the Pepper Road Stop.

Yesterday, at work we had to sign a card because someone was leaving. I haven’t the foggiest idea who it was. I suppose it was someone that works in the warehouse.

I feel uncomfortable when they pass cards around to be signed and I have to pass it down to someone else. I feel uncomfortable because I have to remember the spiel they said before handing the card to me. It’s almost like wondering if you can remember the magic words to a special incantation. The only person I had to hand the card down to was Arnold because Arvada was out. When I handed the card down to him and told him the best I could remember why I was giving him the card to sign, he had the happiest smile on his face. It wasn’t just a little smile it was clearly in the Snoopy Dance category of happy. The last time I saw him smile was when we were working at the old building. One day on the elevator he quickly smiled at me and said, “Good night.” Who knew asking someone to sign a card would make them Snoopy Dance happy? It kind of makes me wonder if anyone at work has ever asked him to sign cards or if they’re just passed by him....

Also, yesterday at work I saw neither hide nor tail of the alleged visitors to our company. Whenever this happens it makes me wonder if business casual day is just a ploy to get employees like me out of sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts.

Also, I was asked to help out Li Jie and Lisa. They had a large influx of work that had to be sent out immediatly. I was happy that they remembered I was trained in their area. I suppose I hadn’t done anything wrong in previous weeks and I wasn’t being shunned from helping out when Li Jie was out last month.

Today, I’m going to the 6th Annual gathering of the Artmobile e-mail list. Basically, the artmobile or art mob for short is a Baltimore e-mail list that primarily consists of local artists, writers, musicians, and whatnot(I know it’s not a real word but I’ve always wanted to use whatnot in a sentence....).

This years get together will be held at the Senator theater. The movie playing will be M. Night Shyamalan’s, The Village. I’ve never been to an art mob get together. I’m going today because it’s Friday night and I’ll be seing a movie. I would not be going if it were a party or something to that effect. I don’t drink, smoke, dance, or talk that much. I hope I won’t be the only one that shows up....

Interesting Sites: Yesterday on the #8 bus heading downtown a blind man got on the bus with his seeing eye dog. The man promptly sat down and began knitting. I like some of the other people on the bus was surprised by the site I saw before my eyes. I had no idea that blind people could knit. I suppose he feels his way around the knitting. It was an amazing site. The blind man later announced to all the curious looker ons that he was making a shawl.

Also yesterday I saw an unusually large influx of people one would describe as geeks or nerds. In other words my peeps by proxy. They all seemed to be heading to the Wyndham Hotel. Then I saw a woman dressed like Sailor Moon. It occured to me right then and there that Otakon must be in town this weekend!!! Otakon is Baltimore’s annual anime convention. I’ve always wanted to go there! Somehow every year I manage to miss it. I never know when it’s being held. I’m not sure if this can be considered a good or bad thing.....

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I’m happy to report that the bus and light rail were both on time this morning. So it looks like I will be on time as well.

Today, I am over the moon with joy. I got a slight mention on the Out To Lunch Show! They were doing a show on the interesting things that you pull up when you do a google search on your name. My site came up when they did a search on their show. They said that they were surprised to be found on the site of a local artist. Wow! I guess I really am a local artist! Anyway, the entry they pulled up was the one where I wrote that I was excited that Steve “the Thrill” Hill was doing movie bets again on the show. Yeah, I know it’s sad I’m excited that my site was mentioned in a round about way.

Yesterday, Nilsson’s Greatest Hits cd arrived in the mail. I was surprised to learn from the liner notes in the cd written by super fan and actor Curtis Armstrong that Nilsson worked for the computer center at a bank. I already knew that he worked at a bank in the evening before he hit it big. I also knew that before he left he was running the department he worked for. However, I never knew that he worked in the COMPUTER CENTER! Personally, I found that bit of information distressing. Also all the accompanying photo’s in the cd are of a young clean shaven Nilsson. He looked very much like someone who would work in the computer department. Anyway, these photo’s differ from the images I’m familiar with. I’m used to seeing Nilsson with a beard. Overall, I loved the cd. Currently, I can’t get Cuddly Toy out of my head. I found a really good site to visit if you want to learn more about Harry Nilsson. I also found a good Harry Nilsson fan site that had interesting links.

Yesterday, I got around to changing the link for Asperger’s Syndrome which is over on the right side of this page. I changed it over to a more stable site. The OASIS site has been around for ages. It can be in a way considered as the ultimate source on the web for information about Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s rare to run across an AS site that does not list that site as a resource or a link. So it’s not likely that they’ll be going down or radically changing the format of there site anytime soon. I guess I should let you know that everything on that site is done in a frames format. So if your computer can’t handle frames I don’t know what to tell you...

Today at work is business casual day. We have business casual days whenever any big wigs are coming to the company to visit. The majority of the time we wear what we want wear to work, provided it’s not too risque. I’m wearing my black pants, again. In the past I used to wear khaki pants on business casual days. However, my khaki pants are too big for me so now it’s black pants day. I took down all the things that decorated my cubicle; Elvis photos, ferret photos, stuffed bunnies, and my Kerry bumper sticker. I did this voluntarily without being told. I did it because I didn’t want to be the one who possibly offended who ever will be coming through the building today. Who knows maybe some of them are staunch Republicans or bunny haters. Anyway, we usually have to remove all bright shiny objects from our desks when visitors come. I guess the company is afraid it will distract the visitors.

Another thing before I go.... My painting is still on display at the Pinkard Gallery at the Bunting Center of Maryland Institute College of Art. The last day it will be at MICA is this Saturday. In a way this is ironic. I applied many times to get into MICA but was not accepted. Anyway, go see the painting. Experience the magic that is Dana Doll!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The bus and train both were on time this morning. I did not get much sleep last night. I was trying to fix the dates on my blog. As you probably may or may not be able to see I have a few posts with double dates on them. It was difficult to fix what the problem originally was. You see I recently discovered that there is a function on blogger that allows you to select the date you want to head your posts with. I had previously entered the date header manually. As I’ve written before I know just a little of html code to get by with. Well, as I began to play around with the newly discovered blogger function the posts became jumbled up in order. Right now they are in order. However, they have double dates. It was such a headache last night to get them in order. I do not want to suffer another one wiping out the double dates. Maybe, I’ll give it a go over the weekend.

Also, yesterday, I went to the library. I picked up two books about Ganesha. As I’ve written in a previous post I am researching Ganesha for a mail art project I’m working on. By the way I get all my leads for places to send mail art to from Kiyotei’s website. I swear that site is power packed with leads. Anyway the books I took out for my research were The Broken Tusk by Uma Krishnaswami and Loving Ganesa by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. I also tried to find a book I was really into in my late teens/early twenties, Everyday Zen. I really loved that book! Somehow, it became misplaced in my move from my father's house to my apartment. I guess I was an unusual kid being into existentialism and Zen while other kids were into dating and partying.

Oh, another thing before I go! The best speaker at last night’s Democratic Convention was Barack Obama. After seeing him I think it’s possible that he might be our first black Vice President or dare I say it our first black President! I first learned of Obama yesterday morning on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Also, I still hope no one tells me to take my John Kerry sticker down from my cubicle. Maybe, I should get a Bush sticker so that my cubicle can be fair and balanced unlike the Fox news network. Speaking of which I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Out Foxed. That’s it for now!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Today, the bus and light rail were on time. Also I had my regular bus driver. It’s raining today.

I would like to go downtown to the library to research the indian god Ganesha. Ganesha is the subject of a mail art project that I’m entering. Also I need to get photo’s of post office related things. This is for yet another mail art project that I’m entering. Just to let you know I’m still working on my big paintings as well as work to put up on eBay in the fall.

I got my John Kerry For President bumper stickers yesterday. Ahhh, just in time for the Democratic National Convention. They sent me not one but two of them. I think I’ll put one up in my cubicle. I hope no one tells me to take it down or harrasses me.

I heard Clinton gave one hell of a speach last night at the convention. I wish he could run again for President. In my opinion he was the best President ever elected during my life time.

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday, July 26, 2004

I left out early for work. The bus was late. It was also driven by a driver that I had never seen before. I suppose either my regular driver is on vacation or took the day off. So thus I just missed the train heading to Hunt Valley. However, I got to watch it drive right by me. I saw the harbinger off lateness guy this morning. It has just occurred to me that the celebrity he most resembles is a slightly younger version of 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney. Also on the light rail stop was this girl named Bird. She usually comes to work in car driven by her sister Alexis. To the best that I could see Alexis was not on the light rail stop with her sister. I suppose they must be having car trouble.

Anyway you slice it it looks like I’m going to be late today. Last week I was late. I don’t like this. I work very hard to be on time just to be done in by vacationing bus drivers or over zealous light rail drivers who are filling in for vacationing light rail drivers.

Also yesterday I watched New Order Story. Since I’m pretty much a hardcore New Order fan I really enjoyed the video. Watching the video in a way was very fitting because on Friday I got my cd’s of Joy Division’s Substance and Unknown Pleasures. So I’ve had a very New Order/Joy Division filled weekend.

I have to say that every time I listen to the Joy Division cds I feel that I should be wearing black clothes and sporting black eyeliner. They’re very goth sounding.

Another cd I got on Friday was Modest Mouse’s,Good News For People Who Like Bad News. I checked Amazon’s if you own this list and again eerily I have cd’s in common. I own Wilco, and the Strokes. I want to get Death Cab For Cutie and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You know I broke my sacred three hit songs rule when I bought the Modest Mouse cd. I also broke it last year when I got The Dandy Warhols, Welcome To The Monkey House. I hope I don’t do it again. I don’t regret my purchases. It’s just I’ve got to obey my own record buying rules. No purchases of cd’s until there are at least three hit songs on it.

Oh, before I go I have to say that my painting is still on display in the Pinkard Gallery of the Maryland Institute College of Art up until Saturday, July, 31, 2004.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Today I got up good and early to do my grocery shopping. I left out at about 7:45 thinking that my neighborhood Safeway opens up at 8 it turns out that the earliest they open up at is 6am. As I was about to leave the store I encountered a homeless man who asked me if I had 50 so that he could buy a pack of hotdogs. He told me he hadn’t eaten in days. I told him I didn’t have the 50 cents, which was true. I usually pay for everything with my check card. I haven’t paid cash for groceries, clothes in years.

Anyway, I told the man that I would pay for it for him. He did not walk away. Which I assume meant that he really was hungry and wanted the food and not the money. He then wanted bread to go with the hotdogs. I bought them both for him along with my groceries. I didn’t give him my name because I didn’t see the point. He told me his name was Geronimo.

As I we were leaving out the door security stopped him because he had a bag. This was of course the bag of food that I had paid him. I suppose that he must regularly go in there and steal food or something. Well this time I paid for it. So I went back in and told the security guard that I paid for his bag of food.

After I left the store he started following me. I felt uncomfortable about this. What if he wanted to come over my house and regularly beg me for money. So I ran to shake him off.

To this day I don’t know if he really needed the food because he was hungry or if he later trashed the food. I’ve seen homeless people do that before. They get somebody to buy something for them when all they wanted was the money then later when the person isn’t looking they throw it away. Then of course he could have sold it for drug money or booze. Either way I don’t care. He looked like he needed help. He seemed sincere. What he finally did with the hotdogs and bread is on his conscious not mine.

Also, I could not log into PayPal today. I had been trying since 9PM. I tried again at around 6PM. Then I decided to change browsers. I no longer use Internet Explorer or Netscape as my primary browser. I downloaded an entirely different browser and now I have no trouble what so ever logging into paypal. I have used paypal for years. This was the first time I ever experienced any problems with them. So now the Violent Femmes, Add It Up 1981-1993 and Harry Nilsson’s Greatest Hits are paid for. I got the Violent Femmes cd because I recently realized that the only copy I have of that is a cassette. I got Nilsson’s Greatest Hits as I’ve said before because it is the only place where you can find Girlfriend, the original title of Best Friend the theme song to the Courtship of Eddie’s Father’s.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Saturday, July, 24, 2004

Today, I found wonder of wonders a site that has pictures of adults with autism on it. I ran by it by accident. I was trying to find a viable link to replace the dead link on this page about Asperger’s Syndrome. The find is amazing because it’s very hard to find information or pictures of adults with autism. 99% of the info you see has pictures of cute kids on it. This gives one the impression that autism is solely a childhood disorder, which irks me to no end. It’s one of the reasons I did not renew my membership to the American Autism Society. 99% of it’s articles were focused on parents of autistic children. I felt ignored and virtually invisible. Do they believe that after puberty we magically disappear from sight?

So hats off to Ooops Wrong Planet for co-sponsoring the autistic adults picture project. For the most part I have to say that we look pretty much like normal people. Ok, there was a person on the front page that looks like a cross dresser and I did see a mime... But other than that it’s a pretty normal looking group. Maybe, I should add my picture to add some colour to the group.

Also in adults with autism news: I recently found out that a movie is going to made that was inspired by the life of Jerry Newport and his wife, Mary Meinel. The couple both have Asperger’s Syndrome. They met during an adult Asperger’s Syndrome group that Jerry helped organize. I own Jerry’s book, Your Life Is Not a Label. I greatly enjoyed reading it. I found it funny and witty.

Anyway, the movie, Mozart and the Whale was written by Ron Bass the same man who was reponsible for Rainman. It’s expected to come out during the fall. It should be interesting to see how he tackles a film about two high functioning autistic people. Jerry has a BA in Mathematics from University of Michigan his wife is an actress. Jerry was diagnosed at age forty-seven. The reason for such a late life diagnosis is because Asperger’s Syndrome did make it into the US DSMV until 1994. It had been recognized in other countries for years.

Oh, before I go I recently ran across an article written by a college professor about why she shields her son away from Autism “Awareness Month” which I believe is every April. It’s really good. I think everyone should read it.

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Friday, July 23, 2004

Friday, July, 23, 2004

Yesterday, out of curiosity I decided to click the always ubiquitous banner. I found my old high school, Baltimore City College. I found names I remembered. Now I’m debating if I should pay $15 just to see what John Graham is doing with his life. For some odd reason I always thought he was dead or something. I have no idea what he looks like today. However, the celebrity he most resembled back in the day was Blair Underwood. He was the only black guy on our swim team. He liked to call himself, ‘the cracker’, I guess because his last name was Graham.

I think I may go back there and post a bio. I could post either a real bio or a fake one. I kind of like the idea posting something outrageous and entertaining. It’s not like anyone would actually read it. Who would pay $15 to join a site just to read what old classmates are doing?

By the way I don’t see the point in going to class reunions. I doubt at the last one anyone was saying, “Where’s Gail?” or “What’s Gail up to?”

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thursday, July, 22, 2004

I got up on time. However, today was business casual at work. That means I can not wear jeans or tennis shoes to work today. Bummer. The only pair of non jeans that can fit me are these black pants. I know I should go out and buy more clothes in my new size but I’m reluctant and cheap.

Anyway, today I was late for work. I got in late because as I was running towards the bus stop up ahead I saw a woman standing there. I felt relieved because this would mean that the bus had not come yet so I slowed down my gate to a walk. The woman was wearing a turquiose blue blouse and capri pants, a black purse and headphones on. I thought she was waiting for the bus. She looked respectable. It turns out she was a crazy person. I don’t think she was a drug addict because usually when they see me they ask for money. I saw her begin to walk away from the bus stop after standing idle. I assumed that the bus wasn’t coming and that maybe she was plucking out a cigarette. Then the bus zoomed by. She was walking away because she didn’t need the bus at all! She was just a crazy person. A well dressed and clean looking crazy person. Who knows maybe she was a prostitute or something. I felt angry for feeling fooled by her presence on the bus stop being lulled in a false sense of security. Oh, well I know next time if I see someone on the bus stop I should not assume that they are waiting for the bus just because they look respectable.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Wednesday, July, 21, 2004

This time the train was five minutes late. I was worried when I saw the Penn Station train arrive at the time the Hunt Valley train usually shows up. So worried that I began eating my breakfast, Utz potato chips, and a sandwich of provolone cheese, veggie ham, on a light English muffin right at the light rail stop. I did this because I was afraid that the train would be fifteen minutes late again. I missed eating my breakfast at work yesterday and I did not want to repeat the same episode. Instead the train was five minutes late. I’m on time this morning.

I’m working on my mail art again. I got back in contact with Rev Paul. He’s the mail artist who’s on the local art mob mail list. The mail list is mostly comprised of area artists and writers. I’m happy to report that Rev Paul is still at the same address as before. Also he’s putting together a mail art show for the Creative Alliance. He said not to submit anything until after September. In the mean time I’ll send out a postcard his way.

At work we’re out of the magical elixir of life, Mountain Dew. The closest substitute in caffeine content is Pepsi.

So thus I was very drowsy this morning. I woke up when I thought I heard Brian mention he had won Clay Aiken tickets on the radio. I found this bit of informnation down right hilarious. He actually called in to get Clay Aiken tickets! I can’t believe he of all people called in! I thought he was somewhat hip as far as music was concerned. The guy’s a big time rock n’ roll fan. Oh, well from U2 to Clay Aiken? I suppose it can happen to anybody. Yeah, yeah, I know this coming from someone who likes Nilsson.....

Also, before, I could stop myself today I complimented Li Jie on the dress she was wearing. I couldn’t help it. The words just popped out of my mouth, “Lovely dress.” I don’t normally say anything to anybody at work unless it’s work related. So I was shocked that I was actually moved enough to say anything. I have to say I had never seen a dress that color and it complimented her perfectly. It was a very feminine cornflower blue dress. She also had on earings that matched. A little later in the morning Helena was talking to her about the dress. So I suppose I wasn’t alone in feeling it was an incredible dress that looked absolutely fabulous on her.

In other work related fashion news Arnold wore a dark solid colored shirt. This is news because 99% of the time he wears plaid or stripped shirts.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

July, 20, 2004

The bus came on time this morning. However, I had a since of foreboding when I got to the light rail stop. It was completely devoid of people. That would mean either one of two things, the train left five minutes earlier than usual or there was trouble with the tracks. I looked down at the southbound tracks and noticed that a train was stalled at the Convention Center stop. The train’s lights were flashing wildly. Oh, geez! It looks like there will be the distinct possibility that I will be late this morning!

The Penn Station train came at the time that my Hunt Valley train usually arrives. So now it looks like the trains are running 15 minutes behind. If I’m late for work this morning it’s not my fault. Blame the MTA!

It turned out I was on time. However, I didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast. I like to arrive early enough for work where I can sit down and eat breakfast in the cafeteria. After all, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After work I went to the library and dropped off some books. I picked up Gloria Mallette’s Promises To Keep, David Handler’s The Cold Blue Blood, Sharyn McCrumb’s Bimbo’s of The Dead Sun, and Stuart Kaminsky’s Murder On The Yellowbrick Road.

I had previously taken out Gloria Mallette and David Handler’s books but never finished reading them. Hopefully they will be completed this time. The only book I finished reading from last time was Good Peoples by Marcus Major. I have to admit that I loathed it. The protagonist of the book Miles Moore was way too mawkish and cutesy wootsey for my tastes. There isn’t that enough cute in the world. Also the author couldn’t have been more obvious. Giving the protagonist the same MM initials as himself as well as the same profession. Marcus Major taught school as does his protagonist. Also I hated the woman in the book Marisa Marero. Ugh, another MM name!! I didn’t feel anything for her. She seemed like a first class bitch. Also the ending wasn’t believable.

Let’s see she (Marisa) hasn’t seen or heard from him (Miles) in several months yet she knows magically where to find him. He never told her anywhere in the book that he would be teaching summer school. How did she know? Besides, I loathe romance novels. I’m more into suspence and mystery.

I picked out the other two books, (Murder on The Yellow Brick Road and Bimbos) of the Sun because they had interesting titles. I have to say that I’m a little more familiar with Kamisky’s work. I previosly read his A Cold Red Sunrise a couple of summers ago. I’ve never read anything by McCrumb. Hopefully her book will be as interesting as the premise for it is.

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Monday, July 19, 2004

I didn't feel very good today. I think I may be coming down with something. There is nothing worser than a summer cold. The only thing I managed to do was print out a few art mail notices. I think I may send a few of my pieces to Rev Paul. That is if he hasn't moved to a new address.

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday, July 18, 2004

For the first time ever I attended Artscape on a Saturday. I was going solely to see The Violent Femmes. I decided not to take my chair along for the trip. I wasn’t too sure what the atmosphere would be like for the Value City Stage. I wasn’t sure if it would be a laid back chair crowd or a mosh pit.

O’Malley’s March was the opening act for The Violent Femmes. I should say now that O’Malley’s March is a local Celtic rock group headed by, Martin O’Malley, the mayor of Baltimore. They took the stage at around 6 and seemed to never leave. I noticed every now and then the Mayor took a sip out of a white cup. You couldn't quiet tell if it was booze or not in the cup. I assumed it was booze.

The Mayor’s band was quiet good. This has been the second time that I have seen his band. I’m not a fan or anything. It just seems to me that if a hot happening band is performing at Artscape his band usually opens up for them. Abuse of power? I don’t know.... To tell you the truth I was surprised they didn’t “happen” to open up for U2 when they performed here a few years ago.

The one memory I will carry of his performance is of the little children and the curly red haired woman in the pink top who got up and danced to each song that the band played.

The Mayor finally left the stage at around 8pm. At first I was really into his Celtic Rock Music. Then after a while as it started getting closer to the time that the The Femmes should be on stage I started to hate them.

The Femmes finally took to the stage at around 8:45. Before they came on I soon realized I have no idea what they look like today. For all I know they could be all old, fat, bald guys.

I was a little worried when I saw these three middle aged men take the stage. I was crest fallen. Two of them wore glasses. The other one wore shades and a wide grin. One of the bespeckled men looked a lot like the blond haired guy from the X-Files, Lone Gunmen. The other bespeckled man wore a cowboy hat and a blue Hawaiian shirt decorated with white lizards. As soon as they kicked in with there first song I knew that the Lone Gunman looking man was accoustic bass player and group leader,Brian Ritchie. The guy in the cowboy hat was lead singer, Gordon Gano. The happy man in the shades was drummer, Victor De Lorenzo.

They sounded just as I remember. However, they were much older. I didn’t take my camera to the show. However, I found a website that shows how they look like today. Yes, I felt a little distraught with Gordon wearing a cowboy hat. It could only mean one thing. Gasp! Gordon bald! Gasp! How can I go on!

For the concert I was about nine feet from the stage. I was so close to the stage that I could have screamed out, “Gordon take your hat off!”, and I believe he would have heard me.

A bizarrely creepy occurence that happened just before the show started was that it looked like this girl who was standing right in front me was giving a blow job to her boyfriend. I didn’t know for sure. It was one of those deals where it looks like something is going on but you don’t want to stare. Even the guy standing by me said to his friend, “Hey are those two??” I have to say I was very happy when they finally left. I almost wanted to applaud. Who does that just before a concert?

Back to the Violent Femmes, according to legend they do not have a play list. If you want to hear a song you just shout it out. Brian Ritchie, according to legend tells the group which songs they are going to play while on stage. So everything is always spontaneous. However, I have to say I did feel a wee bit paranoid when they played Fat then later played Black Girls(Is it a tongue and cheek song or do they really like black girls better than white girls?). I’m sure it was just a random selection of songs. But still......

Overall, the show was kick ass! There was a mosh pit and body surfing. The show had to be stopped for a bit because the security had to eject a fan from the audience. I don’t know what happened but it sure was exciting.

This was the most exciting Artscape concert I have ever been to! I was dancing and singing in public! The Violent Femmes rocked the house!

Some of the songs they played on Saturday were, Out the Window, Waiting for the Bus, Fat, Country Death Song(Whenever, I listen to this song it makes me wonder if Gordon has any daughters, and if so what do they think of this song?), Black Girls, American Music, >Gone Daddy Gone, Kiss Off, I Held Her In My Arms, Jesus Walking On Water, and Add It Up. They did not play Children of the Revolution or Nightmares.

Towards the end of the show Gordan Gano did take off his cowboy. He still had a full head of heard. No bald spot to be seen. Yes, I did breathe a giant sigh of relief. The Violent Femmes are not all old, fat, bald, senior citizens, yet.

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Yesterday, I made it down to Artscape at around 2:45 in the afternoon. I immediately headed over to the ATM machines that were stationed in front of the MD Institute Book Store. I had to do this because I was hungry and had no money. I soon learned that the money had yet to arrive for the ATM machines. So there I was hungry and broke. I decided right then and there that I should first set down my chair and then head over to Rite Aid to get snacks and change.

When I got to the Sun Stage I was surprised to find that people already had blankets and chairs set out. Some of them were abandoned. I thought I would be the only nutty music fan to arrive so early. The show didn’t start until 7pm.

After I staked my claim on some land I took the light rail train down to Rite Aid. I could have walked but wasn’t too sure how far a walk it would have been.

While walking around the Artscape grounds I saw some artwork that I wanted to get. I was really taken by these three-dimensional like works on glass. I’d love to get one but they were a little too pricey. I think I may come back today and get a print from this guy who did African artwork on paper. The prints he had were more in my price range.

I tried to see if I could find booths for the Creative Alliance or the Art Mob, no such luck. However, I did find the booth for School 33. I should say that when I got there the majority of booths were just setting up.

I got back to my chair at around 3:15pm. When I got back I was surprised to see that four chairs had sprung up beside mine. The chairs had inhabitants who were very friendly. Also, I saw this girl who looked strikingly like my niece, Alexis, when she was 12-13 years old. It was so creepy. She was really skinny had the same facial expressions and everything. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
At around six the man who had laid out a big blanket next to my chair had finally arrived. He came with a cooler and three other people.

At around 4pm the pre-show started. The first performer was this woman from Virginia and her jazz band. She was full-figured. She wore glasses and a print blouse with tan pants. She started off her set with an accoppello version of Bob Marley’s, Redemption Song. Then a little into her set she introduced this old man who had written one of the songs she was going to sing. She said he was from New York. He looked like he was from Africa. I guess I felt this way because he was a dead ringer for South Africa’s, Bishop Desmond Tutu. He danced and sang along with her on stage. He looked happy as hell to be there. I’d never seen a more happier senior citizen.

The next group was yet another jazz act. This time the jazz act hailed from LA. The organizer of the show said that they called him up numerous times asking to be put on. They looked as though they were in two different groups. Three of the members of the band wore red jewel toned shirts. The guitar guitar player wore a blue plaid shirt and jeans. He looked like that guy from the Eurithymics. The bass player wore a black muscle shirt and khaki pants. I have to say my eyes kept drifting to him. He was hot. He looked a lot like Aidan Quinn. I once had a crush on Aiden Quinn in the 80's. I was really taken by his performance in this little known movie called, Reckless. Well, since they were from LA I kept wondering if the bass player was related to Quinn. After there performance there was a throng of girls around him so apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought he looked rather nice.

Just a little before Isaac Hayes took the stage a girl I went to college with named Sheryl came to sit absent mindedly beside my chair. I’m sure she had no idea that she was sitting by someone she went to school with. I wasn't quiet sure if it was her or just some one who looked like her. I didn’t want to say “Hi Sheryl!”, and then turns out not to be her. I played it safe. I kept my mouth shut.

Her hair was still dread locked. I remember back when we were in school she was dating this guy who also had dread locks. They were like this very laid back dread locked couple. I imagine that there kids would also have dread locks too.

She wore pink capri pants, a white sleeveless shirt and sandals. Also she wore a flower in her hair. Sheryl was always a bit of a hippy chick. She was the first woman that I ever saw in real life with dread locks.

She was really into Isaac Hayes. She was dancing around, waving her hand in the air, screaming etc. He played a lot of songs that I wasn’t too familiar with but Sheryl seemed to know them all. Isaac ended the show with the only song I was familiar with, the theme to Shaft.

The Commodores took the stage under a hail of sparks. I felt a little afraid remembering the incident that occured with a heavy metal band in a club many years ago. We were outside so I knew the odds of a big fire occuring was nill but still I felt a bit antsy.

I noticed that they turned the sound up way too loud. Why do they do this every year? Why the neccessity to blow your eardrums out with sound for the headlining act? This I feel is a stupid thing to do the sound levels were perfect for all the other acts. Why do they have the need to push it up to 11? It made the show less enjoyable because it was painful to hear. The Commodores was all flash.

One thing I should say that I haven’t noticed before is that the English guy in the group aka the Lionel Ritchie sound alike looks a heck of a lot like my dad. So I guess you can now say that the celebrity my father most resembles is the British guy from the Commodores. Heck, the Bristish guy looks like almost any male member of my family.

Overall, The Commodores were a little to flash for me. The one act I liked the most was Isaac Hayes, despite, only knowing one of his songs.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Friday, July 16, 2004

Today, is the first day of Artscape. For the first time ever I bought one of those portable chairs. I am taking it to work with me. I regularly go to Artscape every year on Friday straight from work. As I’ve written before the light rail stops right dab in the middle of it. I bought the chair a couple of weeks ago at Walmart. I got it so that I could plant it down in the grass where the Sun Stage is. Then after my chair is planted down I can safely go about visiting various sites in the festival. I would like to plant it somewhere near a tree. I hope no one runs off with it.

In all the years I’ve went I’ve never seen anyone steal a chair or a blanket. In a way it’s comparable to the chairs that people leave out after they’ve cleared there parking space after a snowstorm.

The only big thing I hope is that it doesn't rain. I would hate that I went through all the trouble to buy a chair and lug it all the way to work for nothing.

Today’s big acts are Isaac Hayes and The Commodores. Yeah, I know it’s not the original lineup of The Commodores but I don’t care. A couple of years ago I saw Kool and the Gang and was shocked to later learn that it was not the original line up. They sounded just like Kool and the Gang. I didn’t know that anything was different until I did an internet search on them after the show. I trust that The Commodores will still be good even without Lionel Ritchie. I wonder if they still have that British guy in the group?

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted my daily logs. I’m rarely happy around this time of year. The reason for this is because my mother died in July many years ago. Thus, in July, I’m very depressed. I’ve been writing regularly in my Alphasmart but not posting.

Yesterday, I washed my hair and re-twisted my locks.


I’m really enjoying this new cd I got called Nilsson Schmilsson by a guy named Harry Nilsson. I kind of discovered it while listening to NPR’s, All Things Considered, a couple of months ago. They were doing a review of the reissue. I liked the songs that I heard so I recently bought the cd. I’m not dissapointed. The cd doesn’t sound dated at all. I can see someone like Loudon Wainwright playing this stuff today. I think I may get another Nilsson cd. I want to get the one that has Girlfriend on it because Girlfriend was the original title of the theme song to The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. In case you didn’t know Nilsson wrote and sang the theme to that show. He changed the title to Best Friend. He never put the tv version of the song on an album because there would be all these legal entaglements as to who owned the rights the networks or Nilsson. The only album that has that rarity is one of his greatest hits cd’s. I must buy it!

You know I find it ironic that I’m enjoying listening to music that is as old as I am. Nilsson Schmilsson has been on the earth as long as I have... It's like my musical twin!

Also I found a lot of facts about Nilsson yesterday by doing an internet search. He was a drinking buddy of John Lennon's. He never performed live. All his work was done in studio. He wrote a lot of songs for other people. He wasn't the writer of two of his own biggest hits, Everybody's Talking and Without You. After John Lennon's death he lobbied for more stringent gun control laws. He died in 1994 something about diabetes and a massive heart attack. From the pictures I've seen of him he did'nt look morbidly obese. He looked average sized. It must have been all the booze and partying that done him in.

Oh, I would also like to get a dvd of the cartoon he wrote the music for. I think it was called, The Point. I remember that I loved watching it when it came on tv. I recall that I loved one of the songs on it in particular called, Me and My Arrow. I believe I saw it on PBS. I think they ran it during one of there fund drives.

Anyway, right now I want to learn almost everything I can about Nilsson. I'm, that blown away by the cd. I can’t get one song out of my head. The song that’s trapped in my head right now is the very catchy, Got To Get Up in The Morning.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The bus came on time this morning. I left for the bus stop five minutes earlier than usual. The odd thing this morning was that two of my neighbors were on the bus stop with suit cases. It was the tall thin dark skinned lady who seems pissed off all the time and the old tall thin man with the beard. I wonder if they’re related or married. I guess they must be going on vacation or visiting someone. I wonder where they’re going. Oh, well I guess I’ll never know for sure....

In exciting Baltimore news Mayor Martin O’Malley will be giving a speach at the upcoming Democratic Convention. He will be the only mayor and the only Marylander who was invited to speak. Congratulations to O’Malley, the mayor with the hottest biceps.

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July, 13, 2004

Today my bus was late. I had to take another cab to the light rail. This time the driver was an Indian from India. He had white hair and seemed pretty nice. Like the other guy I had yesterday he didn’t say much.

I wonder if it’s possible that the bus has been arriving earlier than usual or if it’s just late. Either way I’ll have to make an extra effort to leave out early tomorrow. I can not afford to take cabs everyday. It would be nice to get some exercise by walking to the light rail stop.

Yesterday, I mailed out Paul Murphy’s book and magazines as well as the Time/Life cd that I didn’t want. I tried to call up Time to let them know that I no longer wanted the series because I already own it under another title. It turns out they close there offices at 7PM instead of 10PM.

In Hollywood news Isabel Sanford who palyed Weezie on The Jeffersons passed away. She was 86 years old. Hmmm Marlon Brando died last week he was also in his 80’s. Could this be the start of the 80 something fat celebrity triad. After all celebrities tend to die in threes. I wonder who’s next?

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Monday, July 12, 2004

I had to take a cab into work today. I was running late. The cab driver I had this morning was a SURPRISE, an AMERICAN!!!! I didn’t know that we still drove cabs! How refreshing! Anyway, he wore a big mesh cowboy hat. He was quiet throughout the entire trip. No cell phones went off no rapid talk to someone on the other line in a foreign language. No trying to pick me up. Just silence.

Let’s see I never went to the opening reception for Artscape at the Pinkard Gallery. I kept having these horible painful panic attacks. However, I did visit my painting the next day on Saturday.

I went there after work. Yep, we had overtime on Saturday. I was late for work on Saturday once in my life actually left work at the time I said I was going to which was 12pm.

Also on Saturday I called up Paul Murphy after tracing his name. Who’s Paul Murphy you ask and why was I calling him?

Here’s what happened... On Friday after work I took the #8 bus to the Hunt Valley light rail stop. I did this so that I could deposit the check that Marc gave me into my bank account. One of my bank’s branches happens to be near that particular light rail stop. After I left the bank I got on the light rail train. When I got on the train I saw this big stack of magazines and a small note book. I thought maybe someone had left it there in a rush to get off the train and would soon be back to pick them up. I like to read so leafed through the books and magazines. I noticed that they all were about coin collecting. Then I thought maybe they were left there on purpose. From time to time people purposely leave magazines on the train. You can tell this because they black out or cut out the address labels. The name and address were still on the magazines.

The train pulled off. No one came on the train to claim the items. I decided that I would return them to the person who’s name were on the labels. I came to this decision after I leafed through the small notebook. It looked as though the person was doing genealogy research on his family. My occasional hobby happens to be genealogy research. I have a soft spot for it. It’s an occasional hobby because it’s something I delve in from time to time. The name on the magazines was Paul Murphy. It was a common enough name that I felt that the odds were against me finding the right Paul Murpy. Well, odds against odds my first phone call was to the correct Paul Murphy! He was suprised when I told him that I found his books on the light rail train in Baltimore. You see he is from Pennsylvania. He told me that his was car broken into while on a visit to Baltimore. I thought he just left his books on the light rail train by accident. I had no idea there was so much drama involved.

After I called he called me back twice. He called a second time at 9 at night. He told me that the police were going to fingerprint his car on Sunday. I thought this was odd it being a Sunday and everything. He wanted to meet so that I could just give him the books instead of mailing them. I opted to mail them. For all I know he could be some psycho or think that I was the one who stole the stuff out of his car and was going to beat me up. Maybe, I shouldn’t have called...

Also on Friday I got something in the mail from Time/Life. I have to return it because I already own it. It appears that they changed the name of the product but it’s the same old thing. Same song line ups and everything. The only thing that’s changed was the name and the cover art. I ended up ordering something else on the internet from Time Life to replace it. I believe I ordered there Modern Rock collection instead of there Sounds of the Seventies Collection, of which I already own. It has a lot of songs on it that I like. There’s Hanging on a Moment, which I’ve always liked never wanted the cd because the group had only one hit on it, also there’s songs by Creed, Eve 6, Nickelback, and on it. There were two songs on it that I already own and was surprised to see on the collection, Moby and Fat Boy Slim. It was surprising because they’re from a whole different musical genre than the majority of the cd lineup. There music is more electronic dance than rock oriented.

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Friday, July 9, 2004

Yesterday, the oddest thing happened someone asked me to do a portrait. A woman wanted me to do a portrait of herself and her two sons. She asked me how much I would charge for it. I was dumbfounded. I have no idea if I should do it or not. I’m afraid that if I do it she might end up hating it and me as well for not making a good enough likeness. Then again maybe I should just go ahead and do it and see what happens. Who knows maybe it would turn out pretty good.

Did I mention that she works for the same company I do? I see her everyday on the light rail train. She gets on at the North Avenue stop. Well, yesterday she saw me sketching one of the ads that are inside the light rail train. She thought I was an actual legitimate artist. You know goes to art school and all that. I’m still shocked that she thought my work looked good enough to do a portrait of herself and her sons. Am I really an artist or one big fake?

Tonight is the opening reception for Artscape. On the Artmobile mail list I learned that one of the posters is also having her work exhibited there. It’s also her 37th birthday.

This year’s Artscape should be good. I'm not just saying that because my work is on exhibit. They have a lot of good musical groups this year. The ones I'm looking forward to the most are Violent Femmes and Van Hunt.

I still can’t believe that Violent Femmes will be there!! They were big back in the day. Well, they were big in my tiny universe. My all time favorite song of there’s is, Add it Up. I also like Blister in The Sun, Gone Daddy Gone, and American Music. I wonder if Gordon Gano is still hot?

Also a new artist that I love named Van Hunt will be there. I love his new cd. I’ve been playing it a lot at home.

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Thursday, July 8, 2004

I am pleased as punch that Kenneth Lay was indicted yesterday. He was that crook and Bush cronie that used to run Enron. Bush used to call him Kenny Boy. Well, it looks like old Kenny Boy is heading to jail. I hope that all Bush’s cronies head off to jail where they belong.

I’m not too sure how I feel about John Edwards joining the Kerry ticket. During the primaries I had no opinion of him. However, I like the look of the ticket. They both seem young and upbeat in contrast to the Republican ticket.

Also yesterday Keisha returned back to work after being off for about a month because of a car crash injury.

As far as my art is concerned, I’m currently working on a painting that I was so frustrated about that I banished it to the other side of the apartment and turned the canvas away from me, as though it were a punished child. My main problem with the painting is how to make the keys come alive. The part that’s giving me a problem is a curvy wavy keyboard and it’s keys. I have no problem doing a regular keyboard. When you bend a keyboard the perspectives changes to arcs and curves. It’s still giving me a headache. Eventually, it will all be figured out. Or I could always paint over the curved keyboard and put up a more conventional shaped one without curves and arcs. Also, yesterday, I got some paint in my hair. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time this has ever happened.

Tomorrow is the reception for Artscape. I think I’ll go just to see if my work goes up this year.

I still haven’t seen Spider-man yet. I fully intend on seeing King Arthur tonight or sometime over the weekend. I hope that Ioan does a good job as Lancelot. He has been very entertaining on the talk show circuit. He’s very lively and animated.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Happy Birthday Arlesia! Today is my niece’s 24th birthday.

Yesterday, I got my money from Marc and finally met him. I had no preconceived notions about what a Marc Braun might look like. From talking with him on the phone I could not gather if he was around my age or older. Heck, for all I know he could have been a six foot tall talking white rabbit.

After meeting him I can not think of a celebrity he most resembles. However, he did turned out to be a human. He was a curly haired man with slightly graying hair. He shook my hand twice. The first hand shake was firm the second wasn’t so strong. He told me that the guy who bought my painting still hadn’t shown up yet. He asked if I wanted the buyers name and phone number. I was ambivalent. I don’t know what good that would do me. Maybe he forgot about the painting. Maybe it was bought on the spur of the moment and now he regrets the purchase.

Over the phone before I came over he gave me the option of payment in the form of cash or a check. I told him it didn’t matter to me either way. When I got there he wrote out a check right there on the spot. On his check was the notation that said he was a sculptor. I didn’t know you could have checks made out like that. I wonder if I can get ones that say, GJ Willis Neer Do Well Artist? While writing out the check he misspelled my last name. I can’t believe he thought that Willis is spelled Willus. That’s the first time ever that anyone has misspelled my last name. People misspell Gail from time to time but never my last name.

As I was leaving I spotted these guys who were carrying chairs into the Carriage House. It kind of made me wonder, what goes on at the Carriage House? Do they work for him ? Are they independent artists who rent out space from him?

Also today, I started on my principle sketches for my new series of paintings. I did some work on my gingerbread men in oil. Instead of traditional oil paint I’m going to do these in oil sticks. These are different from oil pastels in the sense that it is actual oil paint in stick form. Both mediums (oil paint sticks and oil pastels) are 100% blendable by hand.

I’ve always liked regular pastel sticks. However, SURPRISE, I have allergies. The dust that comes off of the traditional chalky pastel is guaranteed to make me break out my asthma inhaler.

Today, my first Harry Connick Jr. cd arrived. I kind of snapped over the holiday weekend and started bidding on all these Harry Connick Jr. cd’s. I barely can recall the names of the cd’s I won on eBay. I think the ones I won are She, We Are In Love, and Red Light Blue Light or something or other like that. I tried to win the one called I think....Songs I Know. That cd has Harry doing swing versions of children’s songs like Oomp a Loompah, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, etc. I think that one will be loads of fun to listen to.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

I did absolutely nothing at all this weekend. The only thing I did was watch movies. I watched Bend it Like Beckham and 24 Hour Party People.

I’m almost finished watching 24 Hour Party People. The reason for this that I like to go through all the features on dvd’s before I send them back. I have one more commentary to go and that’s the one with Steve Coogan and the producer of the movie.

I really liked watching 24 Hour Party People because that was the type of music I listened in the 80’s. I was very into the music that Factory Records put out. It’s a shame they never signed The Smiths. Even Tony Wilson’s character said that in that movie as well as the real Tony Wilson in the commentary.

Sometime today it is alleged that John Kerry will select a running mate.

I’m trying to come up with a 4-6 piece series to put up in windows for the Art Exposure shows that Anne Wilker runs. Right now I’m at the sketching stage. I want this to be as planned out as the picture I did for Artscape.

I still haven’t gotten back in touch with Marc. Frankly, I’d be happier if he just put the money in the mail. They did that for my other works that sold at Maryland Art Place and the City Paper. I hate meeting people. So what if I live directly up the street from him why can’t he just put the money in the mail slot in my door. I doubt that my neighbors would run off with it. It’s not like it would be marked PLEASE STEAL CASH INSIDE. All he has to do is put my name and address on it. Why do things have to be so hard.

My mouth sores are almost healed up. I know it was the stress that I unnecessarily put myself through. When other people are stressed they drink, eat, yell, vent, I get canker sores....

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Friday, July 2, 2004

Today, hopefully I will be able to pick up my money for the artwork. I’ve been stressing out over it so much that I now have canker sores in my mouth. When I’m stressed that’s what happens. So I’ve been taking over the counter medicine to get rid of it.

Yesterday, I’ve noticed that they have started setting up for Artscape. Looks like they will be setting up another little house in the same location as they had last year.

They will be having an opening night reception sometime either next week or the week after. I didn’t go to last year’s reception. Since I’ve done a lot more things this year then last I think I’ll go over and give it a look see.

Next year I think I should attend the opening night reception for the Creative Alliance’s member’s only show. The only reason I didn’t go this year was that it was also the day I had to go to MAP to hang my work for the Out of Order Show. As I recall it was raining heavily that day. I had to go to MAP not once but twice. I went back a second time that day after hanging my work because I had picked up their hammer by accident and took it home with me. I had an umbrella and a lot of bags with me that day. I got a little confused. I left the umbrella at the gallery and took the hammer home.

If I had went to the Creative Alliance reception that meant I had to venture out into the rain not twice but three times. I figured if I went out a second time after being soaked to the bone I’d end up very sick. So thus, I did not attend The Creative Alliance’s 2004 members show opening night reception.

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Thursday, July 1, 2004

Today, I forgot to bring my regular headphones to work. I almost headed back to my door to get them then was afraid that if I did there would be a possibility I’d be late. Then I remembered that I keep a cheap set at my desk in case I forgot to bring in my regular set. This set isn’t very good it has a tinny sound quality. It’s just enough to get by with. I hope I still have the cheap set at my desk drawer. I bought the set one day at a convenience store downtown that’s next to McDonald’s on Fayette Street. I bought it one day because my regular set was constantly breaking down. I had to jiggle the wires around or either twist them in odd configurations to get sound. I got fed up with this. I was running late that morning so I said what the hell and went up the street and bought the headset. I knew the sound quality would be awful. In my mind awful sound quality was better than no sound at all.

Also, I’m still surprised by the number of flags I see still at half mast. Reagan has been dead for almost nearly a month. Will the flags be at half mast for the entire year. Geez Louise! He wasn’t all that great a president. I feel one week at half mast is sufficient enough.

Yesterday, I actually got around to calling Marc during my lunch break. He sounded rather sad. He said he was going through relationship problems. I’m autistic and don’t quiet know or feel as though I’m in any way equipped to deal with anyone who’s going through, “relationship problems”. Anyway, he said all I had to do was call to let him know when I was ready to either pick up the check or either have him drop by.

I wish he hadn’t told me about the “relationship problem” thing. Maybe, I’m making a big deal out of nothing at all. However, he did sound rather sad on the phone. Maybe, I could ask one of my nieces to come over and pick the check up for me. I feel uncomfortable dealing with people who have situations going on in their lives, especially if they feel the need to inform me, of all people. Heck, I guess you could say I’m not used to people at all. Jimminy Crickets! Why did he have to go and tell me all that! Oy Vey!

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Wednesday, June, 30, 2004

Unfortunately, I didn’t get in touch with Marc over my lunch break. I had to really try and hustle at work because there was a power outage and all the computers went down. My computer did not immediately go back on line when everyone else’s one did. I had to wait until the computer department started there shift before I could use my computer again. So for about an hour or an hour and a half I opened mail.

Also yesterday Li Jie did not show up for work. I believe I heard Arvada mention yesterday that Li Jie would not be in today. Neither Brian nor Mellissa told me to do her work. I only do her work if asked because I don’t want to get yelled at for doing something I wasn’t told to do. Maybe, they didn’t ask this time because I screwed something up. You never know. They never really say anything around here. I always feel like I’m on the verge of being laid off and just one more incident might push them over the edge. No one’s yelled at me, but who knows maybe they’re just itching for a reason. I guess I should accept the fact that no news is good news....

Basically, I don’t like to feel too secure. I don’t want to be caught off guard. You know think everything is a OK and then discover at the last minute that it’s not. I’m always looking around for the next rain cloud. So I assume that everyone either hates my guts or doesn’t know of my existence on earth. As a result of this I’m very apprehensive and cautious about almost everything I do. Then I remember that no one could care less what I do. So, thus, I happily chug along with my writing and art.

Oh, my goodness! I just noticed while listening to NPR’s Morning Edition that it has a segment on sponsored by Halliburton! Yikes! I have noticed that recently the station has taken on a slightly conservative slant. Right now, they’re doing a segment that sounds as though it is against religious diversity. Yikes!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The bus and light rail train were both on time today. However, I felt a little frightened getting on the train this morning. There was this foreign looking man who was wearing a green flap jacket. Instead of taking a seat he stood up and grasped both hand bars and sort of glared menacingly at everyone on the train. I was afraid that he was going to go postal at any minute. I hate when people stand up on the bus or train when there are plenty of seats available.

Yesterday, I dropped of my painting for Artscape. I got there at around 2:30pm. It took me a while to find the Bunting Center where the Pinkard Gallery is located. I first asked this group of girls standing near the school store if they knew where it was. They vaguely knew. I assume that they were high school students taking classes there over the summer. So obviously they had not completely acclimated to where everything was. I took the advice of one of them. She said it was straight up the street and that there was a courtyard near it.

Well, I walked straight up that street and saw nothing with a courtyard in front of it. The only thing that vaguely matched that description was the Fox building and the new building, The Brown Center. I felt that my best bet would be to walk over to the Fox building and ask for directions maybe the student was confused. It was possible that the building could have been down the street. Just as I crossed the street. I saw a building almost hidden from street view labeled The Bunting Center! I found it! The Bunting Building lies catty corner to the Fox Building. I’ve been in the Fox building many of times. I’m kind of familiar with it’s layout. I had never really noticed the Bunting Building before.

When I got within it’s doors I felt as though I had entered a long abandoned section of the library. When I walked through the doors to the behind a glass wall to the left of me where these shelves that contained magazines in plastic covers. There weren’t many of them. The shelves where half full. Then I looked straight ahead and saw paintings stacked against the wall. I wasn’t quiet sure if I should just put my painting down among them. So I walked further on. I came upon a desk where a security guard sat. I asked her where I would take my art for Artscape. She pointed up ahead where I had just come from said I had to take it into the room.

So I walked back to where I was and noticed that there was in fact a small room off the side. I walked in there and saw that there were even more paintings inside there. Then a man came in the room and asked if I had come to drop off work for Artscape. I told him yes then he handed me this small form to fill out. I filled it out. He signed it and handed it back to me. Then he checked off my painting in this large book he had. This was very odd. I’m not a very experienced at exhibiting at gallery’s. However, the majority of the ones I’ve done you fill out two copies. One copy stays with the painting for identity purposes then they hand you the other. I wonder if my work will be properly identified. If at all...

While in the small room with the man I heard someone talking to a woman who was looking at all the paintings gathered on the floor. She asked if they were picking out the ones that they were going to use. I heard the man say, yes. So now I’m worried if Dana doll will even be shown at Artscape. If not that’s OK at least I tried.

There were a lot of paintings that were simply breathe taking. I was taken in particular with this very inventive painting. It was part painting and part sculpture. It was of a blonde haired woman. The part of it that was sculpture-esq was the nose on the woman. The nose was three dimensional and stuck out from the painting. I wonder if the artist used clay to achieve that effect, Anyway, I’m sure they will be using that painting. It was different.

I feel my work is OK. I’m not a professional portrait artist. I just like to create things to see if I can. I have no big artistic agenda. If you like it that’s good if not at least you looked.

It wasn’t until I left that I noticed that Gary Kachadourian was there looking at all the art work. He must have been the person the woman was talking to. Thankfully, Gary doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground.

Also yesterday I checked my phone messages. This is usually a fruitless endeavor. I rarely get phone calls. But this time I had a genuine phone message. It turns out that Marc Braun had called on Sunday. He said he got the e-mail I sent him. He said I could just get back in contact with him as to when I wanted to pick up the money. He also told me that the person who bought the painting would be out of town until mid-July. Wow, I can’t imagine being out of town for so long. Also Marc when he left his message didn’t sound angry or anything like that. I think I’ll call him up on my lunch break or after work.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

Yesterday, was another unusually busy Sunday for me. I went to Michaels craft store and to the movies. The light rail train on the way over to the Lutherville stop where Michaels is located kept breaking down. So I got there later than expected. I picked up a red mat board exited the store and didn’t look back. Usually, when I go to stores I linger like my mother used to do. She would linger in stores and look over almost every item in them. I find myself doing this as well when I got to stores. However, today was different I wanted to get to the Charles to see Fahrenheit 9/11.

When I headed back to the light rail station it was packed with people waiting for the downtown train to the Orioles game. There were so may people standing around that it made me scared. So, I decided to take the bus downtown instead of the train. I knew it would take longer, but I couldn’t stand the potential claustrophobia of a crowded train. The bus made it down to North Avenue at 1:00pm. The connecting 13 bus which runs up and down North Avenue arrived at 1:15pm. I made it to the Charles at around 1:20pm. As I walked down the street towards the theater I thought I saw a crowd of people in a line. As I got closer it turned out to be a lot of people sitting down in chairs. It seems that they have opened up yet another cafe next to the theater.

I was surprised to find it was fairly easy to get a ticket to see the movie. I guess the reason for this was that it wasn’t an evening show. While in the theater I debated with myself as to whether or not I should buy snacks. This was a documentary and not the usual summer flick. Would buying popcorn ruin the dignity of watching a documentary? In the end I compromised. I bought a medium Coke but no popcorn.

When I got in the theater it was absolutely packed. The only seats that were available were in the first two rows. I sat in the second row for a little bit. Then I got quiet annoyed when people from the row behind me kept brushing against my head to pass by. I quickly sat up front next to this senior citizen. No head brushing occured.

I have to say the movie was excellent. At the end everyone applauded. Michael Moore showed succinctly why the war against Iraq is an unjust war. Michael Moore is a true patriot. God bless Michael Moore!

When I got out the movie theater there was this man wearing a Bush mask handing out fliers. I don’t know what they were about. I was afraid and avoided him. As you can probably see this was a very political weekend for me. Yesterday, I gave money to John Kerry’s campaign, the DNC, and now I’ve just seen Fahrenheit 9/11. There’s little doubt as to who I will be voting for in the upcoming Presidential election.

Interesting Coincidence: When I got to the bus stop there was this older woman and her husband there. I had previously saw them in the theater. She was wearing a very distinct yellow African dress and he was wearing the usual brown senior citizen almost 70’s looking outfit. Also at the bus stop was this woman who was wearing dread locks that were pink tipped. She had a lot of piercings. The woman in the yellow African dress suddenly took out a granny square and was working on it. Then the pink dread locked woman exclaimed, “Oh My god, I thought I was the only one who still crocheted!” This was bizarre because I crochet myself. So gathered on this bus stop on a sunny Sunday afternoon were three black women with dread locks who crocheted. The black punk rock girl, the granny and me, all crocheters! I noticed that the woman’s husband remained silent as the two women compared crocheting notes, best places to buy yarn, patterns, etc.. The yellow dress woman said that she liked to get her supplies from Michaels. Michaels! Why, I just back from there! I also buy supplies from there too. I’m currently working on another afghan. I’m averaging about one afghan a year. I usually finish them up around August.

Well, that’s all I got.... I hope to let you know how it went when I drop off my work for Artscape today after work.

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