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I am a visual artist and writer living in Baltimore. I don't have any artist friends. Frankly, artists scare me, there so darn flaky. The above picture is either of me or proof that I'm a pretty decent artist. My goal is to be a self sufficient artist, whereas I wouldn't have to do something else in the day in order to eke out an existence. I also like to attend various cultural events around town. I go to plays, the symphony, etc. Also, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I found this out recently and it has explained a heck of a lot as to why I am as I am.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The big event this Halloween/Samhain was that I watched American Gangster online. The movie has been out on the internet for about two weeks. I could not watch it when it first came out because it was in DIVX6 format. When I went back to the site today it was in a format I could watch. The movie was crystal clear. It must have been direct from the studio. Overall, it was a good movie. I think I will see it in the theatres as well. I want the movie to do good financially.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This morning it almost looked as though I was going to be late. The early bus was crowded and I was afraid if the regular #20 bus would be late. Also the crowded bus did not let anyone on. As per usual there was plenty of room in the back. Thankfully the #20 arrived on time as a result I caught the train on time.

Today, I watched last weeks episodes of My Name is Earl, The Office, and Everybody Hates Chris. Also this evening I watched Heroes and thirty minutes of Journeyman. I’ll watch the other half of it this evening on there website.

Im not sure but I think I’ll add 30 Rock and Supernatural onto my delayed internet TV watching schedule. I like the offbeatness of the couple of episodes of Supernatural that Ive watched online. OH, the CW updated its web player. It still runs great. I was afraid that when I ran the updated version, all hell would break loose ala the NBC video player. Thankfully, the CW knows what it is doing. While playing The Office I had to in and manually get it to play the last part of the episode. This is reminescent of what I had to do last week. My Name is Earl played flawlessly. The episode was hilarious as usual.

Today, I have on my Halloween sweatshirt, blue jeans, and New Balance 653 shoes, and the jacket I have owned since my freshman year of college. I think I should look into buying a new one. I also need new clothes. Ive dropped a dress size or two. Maybe I’ll buy some news clothes in January or February... Everything I own fits big on me. Heck, for all I know I might have gone down two dress sizes.

Also today Im having slight dull chest pains. I think it may be because of too much coffee/caffeine? It can not be my heart because I take too much care of it. I exercise via walking 5x a week as well as do yoga followed by 5 minutes of meditation. I think of myself as a kind of healthy chubby chick. Don’t look it but could out run you without gasping for air. Loved that episode of Penn and Tellers BS (which I watched online, I dont own) where they had a fitness competition between this thin healthy looking guy and a group of fat guys. One of the fat guys beat out Mr Slim Healthy Looking guy.


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Its very cold outside this morning. Last night there were frost warnings. I have to admit I felt apprehensive about leaving my bed. As a result of this I am late. Not just a little late but forty minutes late.

Today, I have on a pastel striped shirt along with a turqouise hoodie and a jacket I have owned since my freshmen year of college. It still fits so I see no reason to buy another one. I like to wear out things until they become threadbare. On my feet are Nike MaxAir shoes


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Went to the Churchs, Day of the Dead service. It was a cold windy day. Sadly, it was not so windy that it knocked out the electricity like it did a couple of years ago during the Halloween service. That was so spooktacular. Every year I keep hoping that something creepy like that happens again. One of the kids appears to have ADD or something. She kept raising her hand a lot during the childrens story time.

Afterwards I went to KFC bought a customary bucket of chicken and headed over to my fathers house. Left out a little after 4. I did not want to leave out of there too late and have to catch a cab. Besides I have to go to work tommorrow.


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I did not visit my Dad today. I got caught up in finding the name of that old song I like but can not think of the name of. I found a website where you can download the mixes of KW Griff etal for 1.99 I felt that was too much because you can get songs for .99 on iTunes. Downloaded some old songs off of iTunes. A lot of Envogue, a Mariah Carey song, a Whitney Houston song which I just realized that I already own. I have Whitneys Greatest Hits compilation cd. Also Bill Withers, Lovely Day. Im still no closer to finding out the name of the song that Im trying to find...


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Friday, October 26, 2007

Today, it is yet again cold, wet, and rainy. I took the #10 bus down to the light rail station. The train arrived on time. It looks like I will be on time for work this morning.

Yipeee! I went over to the NBC site and now the video feed on it is working! Its not working perfectly but it is light years better than it was previously. The video still sticks in points but no longer up and quits on you. I finally watched Mondays episode of Journeyman, Wednesdays episode of Life, and last Thursdays episode of The Office. The message board is even up again. Im happy that they finally fixed the problem albeit not 100% but it is now watchable. Its not as good as the gold standard which in my opinion is ABC but better than it was before.

Good news Pushing Daisies has been greenlighted for a full season!!! I love that show. How can you not like show where they on the last episode sang a There Might Be Giants song, Birdhouse in Your Soul? By the way the song is off of their Flood cd. The group was never top 10. I thought I was the only one that knew about and loved They Might Be Giants

As far as the other shows go that I watch I hope they dont cancel any of them. I hear Journeyman is top 20 on the DVR charts. So people are watching it but on delay. I wonder how the charts would look like if they counted internet viewers as well as DVR people. Nielsen recently included DVR viewers into there ratings counts. The video player did not work that well on The Office it kept playing the first chapter over and over until I switched chapters for it. Also the show was sponsored the Navy and some other company. Usually shows on the internet have one sponsor not two. Life and Journeyman played flawlessly. They played all the way through without any repeating of parts.

This morning I have on stone washed jeans, Nike MaxAir shoes, a red fleece hoodie, and a lavender t-shirt that has an enigmantic phrase on it, Surfing and Coca Cola.


They Might Be Giants..Birdhouse In Your Soul

Since this song was featured on an episode of Pushing Daisies I thought it would be fitting to spotlight it this week.


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

This morning it is cold, wet, and rainy. Again, I decided not to walk down to the light rail station. Instead I decided to catch the bus. The #20 bus arrived at its posted arrival time. It was being driven by a female driver whom I never saw before. Since the bus arrived on time I caught my train on time as well. It looks like Im going to be on time for work this morning.

Yesterday, I got a job promotion. It was completely unexpected. When my supervisor called into the office I went through my mind all the things I might have done wrong that might have caused problems. I thought maybe I was going to be reprimanded for something or fired.

In my quest to watch missed episodes of The Office and Journeyman. I went back to the NBC website and noticed that there video player is still down also there 2 minute replay player is down. I wonder how long it will take them to fix the players. Also there message boards were down. From all that I read on the message boards it appears that Mac users using Safari browsers are the ones getting blank screens. Luckily, I was able to catch last nights episode of House, MD on the internet. I have already watched the episode of Heroes I missed. Last night I watched Pushing Daisies and some of Dirty, Sexy, Money. I suppose it will be a while before I can watch the NBC shows I missed. The only shows I can find online on alternative websites are Heroes and My Name is Earl. I can not seem to find new episodes of Journeyman, Life, or The Office online.

Today, I have on a royal blue short sleeve top, stone washed jeans, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Its a rainy Wednesday morning. Im feeling hesitant about walking down to the light rail station. So I end up taking the #10 bus down the street to the station. The train arrived on time. It looks like I will be on time as well.

Last night I missed Heroes and Journeyman. Sadly, it appears that the NBC site is no longer up. All I get when I try to watch there shows is a blank screen with the NBC logo on the top right hand corner. Hopefully, this means that the NBC tech department is working on the problems that many people are having with there new player. Oddly, enough the player they have for there 2 minute show recaps works perfectly. How come they can’t somehow re-route the full episodes and put them on the recap player? Anyway, I had to really search for alternative sites to watch Heroes. So far I could not find any sites that have the latest episode of Journeyman or the episode of The Office I missed. I hope that NBC fixes there player so that I do not have to constantly search the web for alternative sites to watch there shows on. For the record the NBC shows I watch are, Heroes, Journeyman, Life, The Office, and My Name is Earl. Two of the shows I can not watch at there scheduled start time because Im in bed.

Also it looks like I will have to find House on the web as well. For whatever reason that show is not available for viewing on the Fox website. The reason for that is that Fox does not own the show, Warner Brothers does and they will not allow it to be on the Fox site. The same goes for The Simpsons.

On this rainy morning I have on Nike MaxAir shoes, blue jeans, a dark blue short sleeve top that has white flowers on it and a red fleece hoodie.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This morning I left out early enough to walk to the light rail station. However, as I was walking I saw a bus so I got on. After I got off the bus I continued my walk down to the Convention Center light rail station. I could have continued down to the Camden Yards station but decided against it because it might be risky. Risky in that the train might already be parked there and I might have run to catch it before it drove off.

I tried to watch the episode of The Office that I missed on the NBC site but it appears that NBC has taken down all there shows from the internet. Hopefully, this means that they are in the process of fixing there woefully aweful internet video player.

Sadly, I missed Heroes last night in my quest to find the title of a song that I like but can never find the title or artist of the song. I heard it last on 92Q’s afternoon old skool mix. I just want to know who does that song. I used to know. All I can seem to remember is that it came out sometime in the 90s. It was sung by a woman who I believe was a one hit wonder. It never hit number one. It was a top 5 hit. Reached it highest position in the Spring. Magic 95 played it a lot. Came out the same year as Giving Him All That He Wants, by EnVogue? The singer had a very plain name. Lyrics include: like forgive words get in the way. Had a slow reggae beat to it. It was a minor hit. Never made number one was a solid top five. The DJ who did the afternoon old skool mix happens to be one of my coworkers son. I dont know if I should ask her to ask her son, What the heck was that song you played in your mix?

I’ll just continue to research it until I find a credible match. I may have to even get a Billboard magazine online subscription so that I can have access to their archives. That song from many years ago is driving me crazy what’s it called? Who sang it? Will I ever find out???

Today, I have on a black short sleeve t-shirt, blue jeans, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Monday, October 22, 2007

This morning I am running late. I am catching a cold. I am sneezing a lot. This morning its in the 50s. Later today it will be in the 80’s.

I was surprised by the story that a woman has accused magician David Copperfield of rape. Somehow I don’t believe it. He dates supermodels. I know that dating supermodels does not mean that you cant possibly be involved with stuff with that. Its all so out of the blue. He just does not seem the type.

Today, I have on a short sleeve pink top, blue jeans, and a red fleece hoodie. On my feet are Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

This morning I went to Church. There was a one act play performed in the service about the was in Iraq. It was called, The Body Washer. It was directed by local playwright, Pat Montley. It was a nice change of pace from our usual service.

Afterwards, I deposited money into the bank and went home to watch the TV shows I missed last week on the internet. I watched episode 2 of the new season of Supernatural on the CW’s website. The only two networks that play good on the internet are ABC and the CW. It is a nightmare experience to watch NBC shows online.

I still have yet to watch the fifth or is it the fourth episode of The Office online because it has not been uploaded yet in a format I can watch on any of the alternative websites. I also watched Everybody Hates Chris on the CW website. I watched the first two episodes of 30 Rock on the alternative website.

Sadly, it appears that one of the websites I use has either been shut down or crashed. I tried several times yesterday and this afternoon. They have a lot of TV shows on their site from the BBC and the US.

I prefer using sites that work like youtube. I have no desire to have any TV shows or movies downloaded onto my hard drive. I would rather just watch it on their site as opposed to download anything.

The only downloaded program I have ever downloaded has been Joost. I got that because I heard so much about it on NPR that I had to get it.

Today, I finally decided to check it for new content and whoa and behold I watched the entire first season of Scott Baio is 45 and Single. Finally, I got to see the show beyond the first three episodes! As I understand the show has been renewed. So I will have to see how Scott handles impending fatherhood with his girlfriend, Renee. I do not know why I became attached to that show. I guess its the same reason I like Entourage. The pseudo insiders look into the Hollywood lifestyle complete with hangers on.

Also Joost has added CBS daytime to there site. Yipee! I can now watch a weeks worth of soaps as well as the Price is Right. I have to see how Drew Carrey is doing.

I also visited the Hollywood Stock exchange and bought stock in my favourite new shows, Journeyman, Pushing Daisies, Life, Dirty, Sexy, Money, and Moonlight. I also bought stock in two shows I do not watch but have been greenlighted for a full season, ABCs Private Practice and the CWs Gossip Girl.


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Last night I took a nap around seven and did not wake up until a little after five the next morning. I guess I must have been sleepier than I thought I was.

Also when I turned on my laptop this morning the big headline for me at least was that JK Rowling had announced that Dumbledore was gay! Apparently, the great love of his life and disappointment was Grindewald who was like the Wizarding Worlds version of Hitler. He despised Muggles and would torture and kill them. Dumbledore eventually defeated his lover in a wizarding battle.

Also today I visited my father. He told me that Carleen was fighting a lot today. She started a fight with my Uncle Leon, who has the happy go lucky spirit of a Smurf. I suppose that she must be running low on her medication or maybe they have to up the dose. She also was fighting with me over the water bill for their house. Why? I do not know. I do not even live there...

Also on the way home I got the cab driver who likes to talk food. He told me that there was a new resteraunt up the street from me. I think I may try them out.

Also today I watched Moonlight on the CBS website. It was tiring but better than the NBC site which tends to cut off at a certain point usually within 5-15 min. The CBS site seems to run in slow motion.

I also watched Life on NBC with the vigorous use of the pause button to stop it from cutting off. I watched also My Name is Earl. When I got home I watched Dirty, Sexy, Money. Now I am wonder which of Trip’s kids is not his. They never announced it. My gut feeling tells me that Brian the minister is not his because he hates the lawyer. Thus the lawyer would now be his big brother? Also he (the lawyer) got along fine with Brians son. It had an uncle nephew vibe. I can see Brian somehow forcing the kid to stay or be babysat by his uncle.


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Friday, October 19, 2007

This morning the #20 bus was on time. It was being driven by the guy who looks like LL Cool J complete with baseball cap.

Im surprised that Methicillin Staph Aureus or MRSA is in the news lately. It is not exactly a new phenomena. I remember studying about it in the 90s at UMAB.

Lately, it has felt more like summer than fall in Baltimore. Im probably the only person in Baltimore that wants the trend to continue. I want it to stay warm for as long as possible. My motivation for this is fear. I fear what a BGE post rate hike winter heating bill will look like. My summer BGE bill looks like a typical winter bill.

My favourite fall shows are Journeyman, Pushing Daisies, Life, Dirty, Sexy, Money, and Moonlight. I hope that they do not get cancelled.

The fall shows Ive watched but can’t get into are Chuck, Reaper, Private Practice (recently greenlighted for a full season), and Bionic Woman. They just did not hold my attention much. I felt bored watching them.

I will continue to keep up with my favourite new shows on the internet until they get cancelled. Hopefully, they will all make it to a full season.

Today, I have on black slacks, a red fleece hoodie, and a grey short sleeve henley.


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last night I went to bed early but woke up late. I remember hitting the alarm after it went off. I had no idea that I fell back to sleep until I woke up in shock that forty minutes had passed since I turned off the alarm. Well, I suppose this means that I probably was sleepier than I thought.

Instead of waiting for the bus to come I decided my best tactic would be to walk down to the light rail station. When I made it down to the station the Timonium train had just pulled off. I thought I might have enough time to walk down to the Convention center station but I saw another train about to come up the street. The train ended up being a Penn Station train. Just behind it I could see another train. The other train turned out being the train I needed, a Hunt Valley train. So today I went to work but ended up being late because I overslept.

Last night I remembered that one of my new favourite shows comes on, Pushing Daisies. I watched it and immediately went to bed after it went off at 9pm. The episode was pretty good as usual. Fun, witty, and whimsical.

I will try to catch Life, and Dirty, Sexy, Money on the internet. Unfortunately, none of the TV websites that I peruse have any downloads for Life so the only place I can watch it is on the dreaded NBC Rewind website. Its dreaded because it seems that the video is guaranteed to cut off at some point during viewing. The only way I can manuever pass this is to constanlty keep manually pausing the video every few minutes.

Today, I was saddended to hear that Joey Bishop was dead at age 89. Bishop was the last of the remaining Rat Pack. The Rat Pack included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and the aforementioned, Joey Bishop. I do not know anything much about Joey Bishop other than Regis Philbin was his sidekick.

Today, I have on a short sleeve turqouise crinkle cloth blouse that has wooden beaded detailing around the lacy v-neck neckline. I also have on black slacks, black canvas tennis shoes and a red fleece hoodie.


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It looked like I might be late this morning. Luckily, the #20 bus showed up in the nick of time. It had a couple of people standing up but it was not crowded. So it was not too late. It was just off by about 2 minutes from the posted MTA arrival time for the bus. The only bad thing was that I had to hot foot it to catch the light rail train. When I reached the corner the train had just arrived. People were streaming off the train and people were getting on. It looks like I am going to be on time for work.

I got home from doing overtime in enough time to watch an interview with Senator Craig on NBC. Personaly, I feel he is probably gay but in denial.

Then because I did not feel too sleepy I turned on FOX to watch House. I was surprised to find it was not on. Instead there was a baseball game on. I had no idea that the baseball season had not ended yet. Just as I had gotten into the groove of watching TV albeit at my leisure on the internet baseball comes up and rears it head. Arggh! Pre-empted by sports this is as bad as being pre-empted by a Presidential address. To make up for it I watched a little of Kevin Smiths, Reaper. I was not very impressed by the episode I half heartedly watched in between doing a crossword puzzle and cooking dinner.

Today, I have on a turqouise short sleave tie-dyed shirt that has an ecru and tan design of flowers on it. I also have on blue slacks, New Balance 653 and a red fleece hoodie with pockets. I decided to ditch the red chenille one that sheds over everything. I left it in my cubicule at work. The sweater was useless to me, it has no pockets!....


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This morning I left out early enough to walk down to the Camden Yards light rail station. However, just as I was about to reach the station the train pulled in at 6:06 (6:08 my watch time). I had to high tail it to reach the train. Even the old guy who is tall, thin, and has a grey beard had to run to catch it. I suppose it must have either come a little earlier than usual or that the old guy was running late. The old guy is usually at the Camden Yards light rail station when I reach it in the morning and am running on time.

Last night I watched Heroes and Journeyman in real time. I was on the edge of my seat when the Wonder Twins picked up Sylar. I hope he picks them off. Im bored by them. Surprising to find that Matt Parkman’s dad is Molly’s bogeyman aka this seasons Big Bad.

Also I think on Journeyman that the scientist that knows about tachyon particles that Dan talked to on the phone in our time and that called him again in the past to continue on with the conversation has to be somehow related to his time travel. That’s the only reason I can come up with why he had the ability to talk to him on his cell phone in the present and past.

While listening to NPR’s Morning Edition this morning I learned that the writer’s strike looks immenent and that they will not reach negotiations. They are talking about buying the UK version of The Office. I hope that NBC will be able to run that along with Doctor Who. It would not be to much of a stretch for them to run Doctor Who on NBC because they already own. The Sci-Fi Channel is owned by NBC, also the producers of the US Office, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, also produced the UK version. It would be a lateral move for NBC. Who knows maybe they could also buy the rights to Life in Mars to run in Journeyman’s time slot.

Today, I have on black slacks, a tan and white floral short sleeve blouse, Nike MaxAir shoes, and a red chenille hoodie that has no pockets and seems to shed red fuzz over everything.


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Monday, October 15, 2007

Today, I am late. I did not really feel much like leaving out. I need to find out how much vacation, personal, and sick time I have left for the year.

As far as the commute went, I walked down the street and caught the #1 bus. I was outside since 6:00 no sign of the #20 bus. Afterwards I walked down to the Convention Center stop. Did not have enough time to make it to the Camden Yards stop.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a red chenille hoodie, a black t-shirt that has various words written on it in various fancy and cartoonish fonts, words on the shirt include: 76, Rock N’ Roll, Glamorous, etc.


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today, I went to Church. After Church I walked down the street to buy groceries. When I got home I watched the film adaptation of Rhonda Byrnes book, The Secret. It was pretty good. However, I felt uncomfortable with the whispering in between scenes. The whispers were of famous quotes. The whispering made the quotes seem scary and creepy when in fact they were positive and uplifting. I do not understand why the person who directed the film made positive quotes seem down right terrifying.


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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today is the day of the Baltimore Marathon. I did not go over my fathers house to visit because I know that it will be an ordeal to, ESCAPE FROM DOWNTOWN BALTIMORE. In the past it has taken literally hours for a ride that would normally take 3-4 minutes. I did not leave out for fear of reliving the terror.

Today, I caught a show on the internet that I had never watched before. The show is called, Supernatural. I watched the Seven Deadly Sins episode. It seems to be kind of a Southern version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer only the slayers are rednecks. It seemed like it was terminally cloudy on the show. Daytime scenes seemed to have overcast skys. I wonder if they shoot it in Canada?

I also watched a bit of Torchwood. I could not get into it. I guess I’ll try to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures. I know its more aimed at kids. Sarah Jane in the pilot adopts a teen. I would like to watch the pilot first before launching into watching the proper series.

I can find the first two episodes online. I guess I’ll have to try harder to find the pilot which ran oddly enough in January 2007. The proper serious did not start up until late September. So far there have been four episodes in the series not counting the pilot.

Also this evening I watched Life on the NBC website. I had to use the start stop procedure that I did last week. All in all it worked out pretty good. Without doing it the show quit after 6 minutes.

So far there have been two episodes in a row where there is a husband who seems guilty of murdering his wife.

Also I watched Moonlight last night the episode was not as good as the second episode which was rumored to have been written by David Greenwalt who was involved with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Last weeks episode music was hipper. This week it was back to boring. Could have sworn I heard a return of Evanescence like music. EeeeK!!

Last week there was modern indie rock music and Duran Duran. The sound was more hip. This week it was back to MOR (Middle Of the Road) boring. I hear that next weeks episode is supposed to be real good. I hope that Greenwalt’s influence was not just with the second episode only. Also watched the second episode of Everybody Hates Chris entitled Everybody Hates Caruso. The school bully Caruso gets beat up and there is a scramble to replace him so Chris instead of having one bully to deal with he has several.


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Friday, October 12, 2007

This morning I again caught the #20 bus. It again arrived at the posted time. It was yet again driven by the L.L. Cool J looking driver compelete with baseball cap. He was doing a pretty good job until the construction worker looking guy got on. Instead of driving at a reduced speed while the construction worker put his money into the farebox. The driver just stayed parked there. It took the construction worker quiet a while to get his money straight. We went through not one red light cycle but two waiting for the construction worker. I do not understand why the driver did not just pull of and let the construction worker pay as the bus went down the street. It was as though the driver had no idea that the people on his bus were not there for a leisurely morning bus ride. We have jobs to get to, buses and trains to catch. Waiting for this man to pay was wasteful of my time. I would not have minded much if the person was a senior citizen or a cripple but he was an able bodied man in the prime of his life. Perhaps, this was the reason the driver was a late for the majority of the summer. He has to stop this and simply drive some while a bus rider is paying his fare. Waiting for a rider to pay holds people up. By the way the train arrived a little late but I caught it with the folks at work who are often on time.

WoW! He got a Nobel Peace Prize a couple of months fresh from getting an Academy Award for his film, An InconvenientTruth. Gore has done well for himself despite having his Presidency stolen by the Bush Regime.

Today, I have on blue jeans, a dark blue long sleeve top with a boatneck neckline. The top has a design of light blue and white. I also have on an oversized charcoal grey suit jacket. Just yesterday afternoon I figured out the pockets of the jacket are functional. It appears that they were just sewn shut. I pulled the thread to discover that I have working pockets. J’adore pockets!


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

It looks like fall weather has returned to Baltimore. For the past couple of weeks the weather has been unseasonably warm. In fact for a couple of days the temperature was around 90%. So its nice to leave out for a change in the cool morning autumn air. I have to admit that it looked like I might be late this morning. Miraculously, the #20 bus showed up on time. It was being driven by the LL Cool J clone complete with baseball cap. I had not taken this bus for the past few days. It was not crowded or anything. This is good because a bus crowded in the morning in my experience equals a late bus. The bus made it to the light rail stop on time. I caught the train in the nick of time. Tomorrow I will have to leave out a little early.

This morning I wanted to check how much money I had in the bank. This led to checking eMail which led me to starting my morning routine later than usual. I was three minutes late. The train arrived at 6:15 instead of 6:10 to 6:12.

Last night I missed Pushing Daisies. I thought it came on at 9pm. It turns out it comes on at 8pm. No worries, I’ll just catch it on the internet.

Speaking of which, I watched the first two episodes of Journeyman. It reminds me of a book I read and adored called, The Time Travelers Wife. The lead actor, Kevin McKid is in real life British playing an American. Well, he’s more Scottish playing an American.

Also via the internet I watched the second episode of My Name is Earl and the third episode of House. I have not seen the second episode of The Office yet. I’ll have to keep trolling sites until someone posts it. I think next I’ll try Kevin Smith’s, Reaper.

Today, I will have to find Pushing Daisies and Dirty, Sexy, Money, and Life. The three shows I missed last night. I had to miss Dirty, Sexy, Money, and Life because they come on at my bedtime also they come on at the same time on competing networks, ABC and NBC respectively. With this internet thing I can now watch TV shows at my leisure and not feel confined to a network schedule. I still have to find the 2nd episode of Everybody Hates Chris, the CW has not posted it yet. The only show its a guaranteed lock I will be able to watch in real time is Moonlight. I caught NUMB3RS for the first time ever last week it was pretty good. I have never seen Ghost Whisperer before. Maybe I’ll give it a try this Friday. This whole TV thing is new to me.

Today, I have on a short sleeve magenta top, blue jeans, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This morning I left out even earlier. So early that I had enough time to walk down to the Camden Yards light rail station. The next station down is Hamburg Street. Im not sure if it is connected to a street that you can walk on. I will have to someday in the future take a train down there to see if it is walkable. The train arrived at Camden Yard station at 6:06. I hope I will be able to walk it again tomorrow. In total it took according to my pedometer 24 minutes for me to get there from my home.

I watched the latest episode of Heroes on the internet. Again, I tried to watched it on the NBC site but the feed cut off in about 15 minutes. This is good because in the past the feed usually cuts off after about 5-6 minutes. So as per usual I had to watch it on an alternate website.

As far as the show goes, I do not trust the teenage boy who can fly. I do not trust how fast he seemed to have latched on to Claire. He must work for the Company. Also on this show people who can fly seem slightly shifty. Claire’s bio-father Nathan Petrelli can fly and he seems kind of self centered and a little shifty. I think West the flying teen will end up somehow pitting Claire against her father Noah aka Horned Rimmed Guy or HRG.

Today, I have on a black short sleeve t-shirt, stone washed jeans, and Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This morning I left out early enough to walk down to the Convention Center light rail station. I was dripping with sweat by the time I got there. By the time I arrived the train was just about to come down to the station.

I did not watch Heroes last night because I was too sleepy to stay awake. I will catch it as well as Everybody Hates Chris on the internet.

The CW site has a really good player. The two networks with crappy video players are NBC and CBS. I tried to watch How I Met Your Mother on the CBS player but the playback was horrendous. It kept stopping and starting. This is better than the NBC player which completely shuts off and will not start up again.

Today, I have on a red and white pinstriped short sleeve blouse, blue jeans, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Monday, October 08, 2007

As I was walking down the street to the light rail station I saw a bus, the #10. I got on it and decided to walk down the street to the next light rail stop. The light rail train appears to have come on time.

Today, I have on a tan and white short sleeve floral blouse, cocoa brown slacks, and Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today, I went to Church. Today’s sermon was about Abu Ghraib and America’s participation in torture. After the service they showed a documentary directed and produced by Rory Kennedy called Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.

I could not stay to watch it because I had to deposit money into the bank. I do not know why the last time I did this I did not think to grab a few extras envelopes. This time when I went to the branch that I used before they were flat out emptied out of ATM deposit envelopes. So I had to head a little more further out. I deposited money, got extra envelopes, and gave serious thought as to whether I should walk over to a giant yard sale that was occuring at a school down the street from the bank.

I have had a miserable time trying to watch TV shows on the NBC website. It appears I am not the only one. I counted over 3000 complaints about their new online video player. It appears people all over the country are having trouble using it. It is super slow and stops and cuts off a lot. I had no trouble using it over the summer when I was catching up on earlier episode of Heroes.

It was just after the fall season started and they launched a new player that things went south. In order to watch NBC shows I have to use an alternative non network affiliated website. Unfortunatley, the second episode of Life is not up on that site yet so I had to watch it on NBC. I found a way of trying to beat the viewer from cutting off entirely by pausing the viewer every 5-10seconds. Then waiting 1-3 minutes before starting it up again. It took about 2 hours for me to finish watching the show.

On the other hand the ABC video player kicks ass. So far I have watched both episodes of Dirty, Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies on it. I believe these are the only ABC shows I want to see this year.

Also on Friday I watched the CW player where I caught up on the last three episodes of Everybody Hates Chris. The three episodes were two from last season and the season opener. I also may give Supernatural a look see. My only complaint about the CW player is that they run too many commercials about their programming.


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Saturday, October 06, 2007

To the best of my knowledge no Saturday overtime was offered at work today. I say this because for all I know they might put out a sign out sheet when Im at lunch or something.

Today, I did the usual, visit my father and brought over a bucket of KFC for them. I also bought my father a Boston Creme donut from Dunkin Donuts. Its his favourite. However, Im starting to get the feeling that he’s getting tired of it. He told me not to be spending all my money on it for him. I reminded him that it just costs seventy-five cents. I’ll take his concern of my spending the hefty sum of 75 cents to be his way of saying, Im sick of eating these donuts every Saturday. Also tried to watch My Name is Earl and The Office on the NBC site gave up and watched them on an alternative site. Overall, I loved Earl’s season opener. I fell asleep while watching The Office season opener. It started off great but got stupid with the rabies charity. It was while the race for rabies was going on that I started to doze off.


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Friday, October 05, 2007

This morning I nearly missed catching the light rail on time. I left out early enough to walk. However, during my walk I tripped over something on the street and nearly fell to the ground. After this happened I had to stop a little to recover. It took a while for me to fall back into pace. My ankle was smarting a little. I had to run and jog a little during my walk to get back on track. I was sweating like James Brown by the time the train arrived.

Last night I watched the pilot episode of Life. It was very interesting. Damien Lewis is playing a cop who spent 12 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. His character appears to be into Zen and is very weird and laid back. The show is interesting. I suppose I’ll watch the second episode tonight.

Lets face it the main reason Im watching is because Damien Lewis is in it! I first became aware of Lewis while watching him play Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga mini series. The only reason I rented the miniseries on Netflix was because I was going through my Ioan Gruffudd is the hottest man on Earth phase. Ive long since cooled on Gruffudd with all that happened over the summer with his fansite. Never has there been such a max exodus of fans in the history of the internet. Anyway....

Lewis did an outstanding job on the mini series. He made you care for an unlovable, control freak of a character. By series end I wanted Soames to find happiness despite his flaws. Heck, I found myself rooting for Soames. Lewis did an outstanding job with that role.

I still can not believe the great, Damien Lewis, is on an American network TV show. Not once did his real life accent British come out. Great job.

I also watched Pushing Daisies in its entirety. I found it to be fun, witty, quirky, and cinematic. Its like a Tim Burton film on happy pills. Dark subject matter yet bright colourful set designs.

The male lead on the show, Ned (Lee Pace) the pie maker, has the ability to raise the dead for one minute. If they are alive for over one minute someone else must die to take their place. Interesting enough another British actor playing an American is on the show, Anna Freil plays Ned’s love interest Chuck.

I will definetly be back to watch next week. Other shows I’d like to watch are Dirty, Sexy, Money and Kevin Smith’s Reaper, as well as Michelle Ryan as the Bionic Woman. I want to see this to see if she messes up and misspronounces anything with a British accent. I mean she is basically a soap actress. Other shows I still have to see the second episode of House, the first and second episode of My Name is Earl and The Office. Im pretty much caught up on Heroes I watched the second episode in real time on Monday. Id also like to watch How I Met Your Mother.

Today, I have on a pink short sleeve top, stone washed jeans, and New Balance 653 shoes.


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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I left out early enough to walk down to the light rail station. I made it just in the nick of time. The train was coming into the station just as I arrived. It should be noted that the train arrived two minutes ahead of schedule. To the drivers credit she stayed in the station until 6:10 then she pulled off.

I rarely watch TV in real time. I mainly watch it on the internet. TV shows seem to come on at inconvenient times for me. However, yesterday I made an exception I made it a point to watch Pushing Daisies and Life without knowing what times they come on. I ended up watching Pushing Daisies and a little bit of Life. I could not watch much of Life because it comes on around my bedtime.

I really liked Pushing Daisies. It was very fanciful and original. I loved the look of the show. Its very colourful and Alice in Wonderland like set designs. I think I may either try to watch it regulary as it comes on at 8pm or catch it on delay on the internet. I can only watch shows in real time that come on before 10pm.

I saw very little of Life. The premise of it is interesting. Damien Lewis does a good American accent.

I also watched bits of the Bionic Woman. UK soap actress Michelle Ryan does a very good American accent as well.

OK, I watch a lot of UK TV... So I have an idea beforehand who is and is not a real American. In the CBS series, Moonlight both leads are not American. Nick the Vampire is played by Australian actor, Alex O’Loughlin. I do not know why but Australian actors seem to do a kick as job in simulating American accents.

Beth, the vampire detective’s love interest, is played by Sophia Myles who in real life is British. She appeared in the brilliant Doctor Who episode The Girl in the Fireplace as Madame de Pompadour. She is also the girlfriend of the man who currently plays Doctor Who, David Tennant. She also does a good American accent.

You would not know by watching the show that almost no Americans were harmed in the making of the show. :)

I suppose tonight I will try to catch another new show. I still have not watched the season openers to My Name is Earl and The Office. I’ll catch them over the internet as well as there second episodes.

Today, I have on chocolate brown slacks, a short sleeve v-neck top of orange, white, brown, pink, tan, and yellow, as well as Nike MaxAir shoes.


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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

An actual black cat passed my path this morning. I did not have enough time to walk to the light rail station so I took the late bus. I feel groggy. Last night I went to sleep later than usual. I waited to catch the #20 bus at 8:47. I waited for about 35 minutes before I gave up hope of it coming. I did not get home until 9:25. I ended up catching the #35 which was right at the stop when I got down to it. I feel it is a waste of time waiting to take the #20 bus. It comes infrequently in comparison to the #40 Quick bus. On the other hand the stop thats for the #10 and #35 runs more frequently and I can catch either of them to get home. So I am late. The train that came was one car short. On the upside I walked all the way down to the Camden Yards station. I got a little morning walking workout done.

Today, I have on stone washed jeans, New Balance 653 shoes, and a dark blue short sleeve top that has a design of white flowers on it.


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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I left out this morning early enough to walk down to the light rail station. I had enough time to walk down to the next stop down. The train appears to have arrived on time.

It appears that Brittany Spears has lost custody of her kids to her ex Kevin Federline. Who would have ever thought that he was the sane one? In addition to alimony it looks like he will be getting child support payments from her as well. Looks like the wannabe rapper has made out like a bandit.

Today, I have on olive green khaki slacks, a turqoiuse tie-dyed short sleeve shirt that has a design of tan and ecru flowers and leaves. On my feet are black canvas tennis shoes.


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Monday, October 01, 2007

It almost looked as though I might be late for work. However, this morning all the stars were aligned right and I am on time. I had to run to catch the train though.... Despite that I am on time today! :)

Today, I have on a short sleeve magenta top, blue jeans, and Nike MaxAir shoes.


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